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The game can't find Sharefactory trailers ?9Sebart752018-11-15 12:44:45
Custom character doesn't work?4Sebart752018-11-01 22:07:53
How to make small items.11BloodPuddles2018-10-16 08:11:20
How to disable my level appearing in LBP3/2 but still in LBP1.3ninpy2018-10-05 09:55:26
Crepuscular Ray effect2JokerOnline222018-10-03 09:53:47
7 In One Memorizer Slot Data Saver6Rxvlism2018-09-23 00:15:19
Help with my SP for a battle system1sanfoxer2018-09-09 19:49:07
High flyer pin3Star_Destroyer2018-06-14 21:05:16
Why can’t I publish levels on LittleBigPlanet 33edouble31322018-06-12 16:48:31
how to remove the walls and floor of the blank background?5noseben2018-05-02 20:27:08
Coin material3Plaztiç772018-04-30 15:02:30
Unable to publish new LBP levels.2zero-pilote2018-03-30 20:15:09
Can I get the DLC from LBP2 Special Edition onto LBP3/PS4?1Arctic_Alloy2018-03-11 18:12:15
Sackbot Collection1DragonFly25002018-02-26 15:33:08
Help With My RPG9Rxvlism2018-01-09 07:50:55
Controllinator and sackbot help3knuckles55772017-11-20 13:05:19
3D sackbot AI5sanfoxer2017-10-21 14:43:17
Dive in Lbp3 ps4 glitch4Hello2017-10-04 01:54:54
Bug5AngelTG012017-09-14 07:18:00
No Lives Lost bug1Heffy2017-08-30 19:37:21
Locked Out of Levels5Heffy2017-08-26 14:21:13
Character Animation Tweaker1Heffy2017-08-25 22:52:29
Creating a Collapsing Bridge9Heffy2017-08-24 13:18:19
How Do LBP Creators Get Popular ?3Lillianna2nite2017-08-14 13:53:00
Sackbot Help!3Jack59842017-08-13 03:54:34
Custom Characters Can't use Paintinator?6WaffleGod3452017-08-06 22:45:11
How to make good levels ?2Lillianna2nite2017-07-24 19:52:55
How do you flip the camera in create mode?2Lillianna2nite2017-07-24 18:59:13
'My Unlocks' not working2miyowi2017-07-24 17:37:14
How does the quest tool work?6mdkd2017-07-13 21:33:59
Material Transparency7DyMonkie2017-07-10 23:42:45
I cant turn into swoop3Ajdagamer322017-07-08 19:37:45
A question..9TheHiddenSHADOW82017-06-17 00:42:14
Need help finding a level4DyMonkie2017-06-12 08:03:57
Flipper level16Psmerga2017-06-03 19:41:54
More Movie Help2Angelicatoo2017-05-28 09:51:27
Group and Ungroup24Angelicatoo2017-05-26 16:46:56
Rotation about the Y axis.11Angelicatoo2017-05-24 10:34:25
Storage in game13Angelicatoo2017-05-21 11:13:34
saving16Angelicatoo2017-05-18 18:55:31
Looking to make a team for Zelda game2ironfist2017-05-11 23:12:59
Unbreakable sackbots?10LittlePumpkin0302017-05-07 20:34:48
Where is the 'cliche my way' competition thread???1ninpy2017-04-17 10:50:31
Movie help9DaEliteGoat LBP2017-04-14 13:31:11
My object won't move! help!5Jammylews2017-04-09 18:10:51
Failing a Race6paczek3212017-04-04 17:19:31
The Factory of a Better Tomorrow Sound Effects1paczek3212017-03-31 10:58:58
Can't get dlc I just purchased to download11Rainbowginge2017-03-04 12:30:05
How do you get the Crown?22Horrorgamer122017-03-03 09:23:58
A little guide/tips on how to avoid annoying profile breaking glitches in lbp34Arylexz2017-02-21 17:57:07
costumes on second pad3Lozia2017-01-05 17:41:57
Probably most often asked question on LBP.1Virvin2016-12-19 13:49:18
Glitches. [PL][ENG]3Virvin2016-12-12 17:10:52
How do you "group" objects?5Platysynthesis2016-12-09 04:36:48
Moving platform help7EmeraldTrickster882016-12-05 19:56:10
Forgotten challenge pin6Hicksylon2016-11-29 17:59:56
Bunkum Lagoon stuck at 99%4JCP-19882016-11-18 21:40:21
why do it ceep multiplying?2sanfoxer2016-09-12 01:17:43
I need help with the level I have on the moon!11kubac20002016-08-13 01:11:00
Top Down Ramps Help!3spencerbro122016-08-09 19:58:52
Electrical decoration.3Sharfik19952016-07-27 19:46:55
Videoclips in LittleBigPlanet1Jonay-Jackson2016-07-26 14:36:03
Save Object Option Inaccessible LBP35BlueFire90202016-07-24 22:15:59
Help with Marvel Issues2MrDarthBlaze2016-07-05 00:31:11
Don't know how to make a hazard9sanfoxer2016-07-04 02:05:12
help im be cyberbullyed by orginalstar4sanfoxer2016-07-03 02:25:10
detecting score for a specific player2Indomitus19732016-06-26 18:13:22
PS3 - Missing LBP3 Gadgets (like physics tweaker etc)8harrisonbooth2016-06-14 19:22:20
Need music2Sharfik19952016-05-03 17:16:55
Stickers in the community3RavenCheeseCake2016-04-19 00:14:18
Manglewood Broke1moterhead19762016-04-16 17:15:52
PS3 to PS4?2bzr2422016-04-10 10:09:31
Odd Dynamic Thermo Bug4James_P2016-03-30 09:07:26
Activating a chip only when you are sliding2krokkoguy2016-03-21 01:06:21
Groupped objects4Em-Te2016-03-10 11:25:12
Help with X4 levels1Luke2016-02-27 00:47:45
Need help with level doors3Psmerga2016-01-27 19:15:48
Can't publish level PS44Sharfik19952016-01-16 21:13:24
LBP3 save file5Sharfik19952016-01-12 18:00:40
LBP2 DLC in LBP3 PS41Sharfik19952016-01-05 11:46:08
What is better?1Sharfik19952016-01-04 12:10:27
LBP 3 PS3 - PS43Sharfik19952016-01-03 17:37:54
LBP 3 PS43Sharfik19952015-12-29 14:42:14
Ending a level when everyone dies?3King Derp2015-12-28 01:09:12
Question about memorisers and object savers4Indomitus19732015-12-18 16:16:36
Level... Corrupt...?1Teen_Ezio2015-12-17 07:46:45
Multiple entrances2Lupo2015-12-14 11:21:36
Contraption Challenge: The Wheel Deal3Slix2015-12-07 22:01:08
dc space meterial1HungryBoy022015-11-27 23:48:56
Create a level in group?3Ilmryn2015-11-20 11:49:12
LittleBigPlanet 3 Music Sequencer8BlackCat3332015-11-19 17:18:11
Un-owned items not showing up in store1Space-_-monkey822015-10-29 00:43:48
How to get the cutting tool for lbp36ZombieKitty2015-10-23 16:05:00
LittleBigPlanet Time SaverPack.7ZombieKitty2015-10-23 10:52:29
Installing updates3mdkd2015-10-03 12:15:31
Need Someone to Create Music for Levels (Thunder Blaze : Jet's Adventure)3SuperLarno2015-09-23 17:59:36
Help in advanced adventure logic - Adventure costume changer2SonOfSparda2015-09-13 18:47:48
Previous Dlc not moving4Gbatman282015-09-05 17:13:38
Gray clay1Laxen3332015-08-30 12:59:33
adventure crater - level import3bzr2422015-08-27 10:48:35
Logic Help!4jhonsiak2015-08-22 11:47:59
Chaos Colors1kingpride242015-08-19 01:34:47
PS4 Upgrade3minecrafter04822015-08-15 21:07:50
Enable Profile Comments1diego2462015-08-12 13:30:07
Change Character-form for ALL players7BiggiSchnupsi2015-08-10 10:11:29
Top Down (Multiplayer)5Nick9309302015-07-27 05:32:45
How Do I Make A Good 3D Platformer?6SuperLarno2015-07-25 23:01:18
Spinning Fans5VanguardACTUAL2015-07-21 13:08:38
water6hard puzzle2015-07-17 15:26:40
immaterial?3hard puzzle2015-07-17 04:07:51
Adventure refusing to publish.10VoksMaiGosh2015-07-14 04:25:14
Grappling hook4Wezze852015-07-13 14:08:14
Grappling hook1Wezze852015-07-13 14:07:43
Toggle - "Big" or "Little" state?4hard puzzle2015-07-13 07:51:58
Dynamic thermometer (PS4)12Wezze852015-07-13 07:43:08
Save game, game progress2p1002015-07-13 02:32:31
Help with levels (deco, design,...)8Wezze852015-07-12 14:36:04
Using Cameras with Controllinators5Robospike2015-07-11 00:07:21
Cant place Playstation Camera photos as stickers in LBP3?1askjiir2015-07-08 18:00:00
Player follow bendyrail?3Laxen3332015-07-08 13:26:00
How to test your own adventure?4Sharfik19952015-07-06 12:49:00
Cant change material of adventure map =(3Sharfik19952015-07-06 12:05:00
Object-Saver through level-link?2SackboyFriend2015-07-06 05:51:00
Playing online levels on PS4 without ps+4smelybasher2015-07-05 12:48:00
[Logic] Very confusing logic >_<.7petethepug2015-07-01 16:10:00
Is it possible to teleport objects?10Aye_Jaye132015-07-01 12:45:00
History pack missing1punk_jr2015-07-01 10:15:00
How to make an object jump without wall jumping?6noahc32015-06-29 07:47:00
Wireless controllinator3DarkMatter49002015-06-27 09:38:00
Cant publish levels in LBP3!12ColeMaggie2015-06-26 08:02:00
My level seems to be glitched14Fox Stevenson2015-06-25 17:13:00
Lbp3 sucks so bad on Ps327GuiSly2015-06-24 16:34:00
Oddsock Camel5Laxen3332015-06-24 11:42:00
LBP 3 PsEye Problem1Pan_Ziemniak2015-06-23 06:25:00
Move Pack Frustration4dakrrs2015-06-21 21:11:00
Lost my items4Sackbuy2015-06-15 08:26:00
Broadcast chip help!9Laxen3332015-06-13 07:08:00
Dlc reset and how to get lbp and 2 stuff in 31Gd-892015-06-12 11:24:00
Ziggurat Hub Broken1gurren0092015-06-10 14:07:00
Create mode/DLC Help! (Solved)15Aye_Jaye132015-06-10 00:09:00
Help, Lost all item5MusiczX2015-06-07 03:52:00
Logic help (Solved)5Aye_Jaye132015-06-05 05:40:00
missing dlc item,2Assaultwarrior2015-06-04 15:40:00
Help with Race to the Stars (4 player) ps44xcashmerebunny2015-06-04 09:17:00
Dlc help... which is very complex.10Creepermon252015-05-27 01:21:00
One story level broken I need help! (Solved)12Tallukka12015-05-26 10:23:00
I need help badly!10ZombieKitty2015-05-17 15:49:00
Poppit Academy Term 2 Final Level???2DaCheezBoss2015-05-13 12:32:00
Help needed1AlPhAoMeGa812015-05-06 06:57:00
Help needed! Late question10Kuroneko2015-05-03 18:58:00
Little Big Planet 3 or PS4 Eye Glitched/Defective.5sayer69132015-05-03 00:33:00
Actualization Bug2ANPuroOsso2015-05-01 10:57:00
Designer Needed12jhonsiak2015-05-01 05:27:00
3d layer switching?4MrRyan252015-04-26 13:46:00
Reworking radar4Psmerga2015-04-19 08:23:00
HELP! Level Links3sana_882015-04-18 17:17:00
Importing vita stuff to LBP3?3Psmerga2015-04-18 14:07:00
[LBP3] Cant decorate my earth?4petethepug2015-04-13 07:04:00
stuck after prologue3petrosv2015-04-12 18:38:00
Dlc question6Potrock stir2015-04-10 09:39:00
[LBP 3] Block Party Awesome Level Coming Soon :D2petethepug2015-04-10 09:31:00
Any Platformer Tips,Tricks And obstacles?2Carrot2015-04-09 07:24:00
LittleSigPlanet Issue?4Tynz212015-04-06 23:49:00
Corrupted Profile Error Screen Fix! / Ps46Ikerion2015-04-06 15:16:00
logic glitch1samuasp2015-04-05 19:46:00
Still cant get Metal Gear Solid Level Pack?2airide2015-04-03 15:15:00
Need 3 players to help me beat a Manglewood level.4kubac20002015-04-03 07:34:00
Pod freezing on startup4NMA_20112015-04-03 06:02:00
Need Help! I cant update my level, it keeps saying failed to publish. Try again later.5sayer69132015-03-28 12:46:00
Need someone who will test my new level2kubac20002015-03-28 11:04:00
Sackboy bug/glitch1M3gapig2015-03-27 15:12:00
PS3 Profile and DLC Issue (Help!)3Lenni the hidden2015-03-25 01:26:00
Compatibility Issues LBP1-content in LBP32bzr2422015-03-24 15:11:00
team checkpoints and how to use them3samuasp2015-03-22 06:42:00
Help5samuasp2015-03-21 04:15:00
Logic limits?10Indomitus19732015-03-20 20:45:00
NEW LBP 3 Tutorials Channel4Danx872015-03-20 00:58:00
feedback to steven and sumo12samuasp2015-03-18 04:44:00
tag sensor label limit5samuasp2015-03-15 15:06:00
problems playing music in my levels?4Indomitus19732015-03-15 06:51:00
output on level links4samuasp2015-03-10 21:41:00
Platformer Level?16cj.022015-03-08 14:00:00
blocked words18samuasp2015-03-04 12:47:00
lightning decoration5samuasp2015-03-03 12:06:00
LBP 3 PS3, not able to launch, error code 8001051412kubac20002015-03-02 12:47:00
I need help learning how to make a "movie" in LBP3.5Khnok2015-03-02 08:03:00
Pin glitch prevents me from getting old LBP content4Nickjrossi2015-03-01 03:46:00
Water material6dakrrs2015-02-27 21:05:00
Where is the decorate feature for earth5gurren0092015-02-20 12:37:00
Sound recording tool no longer works after 1.05 update6askjiir2015-02-11 19:38:00
DLC Costumes not Downloading?4Zx_rexdude2015-02-11 13:36:00
Character tags and checkpoints4Darthvadre112015-02-08 16:45:00
New(?) bug encountered.3bzr2422015-02-08 13:58:00
Help: Sackbots3bzr2422015-02-07 10:56:00
Little Big Planet 3 PS3 - Bug/Glitch with sackboys animation3Krxlion2015-02-07 03:02:00
Camera affecting material opacity5glue22015-02-06 21:07:00
Game broke..15willman42015-01-30 09:35:00
No music in play mode for my new level?9ShiShoobi2015-01-30 08:28:00
Beta BugBlaster DLC Pulled from PSN store?15BugBlaster2015-01-30 04:18:00
Created A Level And Now I Cant Enter That Level Anymore9VoodooChild182015-01-29 23:47:00
"Youve exceeded the amount of storage you can use for this title"2mr_d222015-01-28 17:10:00
I cannot enter create mode2ratalsoni12015-01-26 11:27:00
Does the 3D game camera glitch still work on LBP3?4HoistThatRag2015-01-25 16:00:00
Making me purchase DLC I already own?4Zx_rexdude2015-01-25 07:24:00
Does the MGS pack work for LBP3?5Elmustachio2015-01-23 19:03:00
Do LBP 3 dlcs work?3Elmustachio2015-01-21 13:28:00
cant get past 80% filled in on levels I post9feendit2015-01-20 13:25:00
Major freezing bug from stickers4Mhx Air2015-01-19 19:20:00
Dynamic Thermo help2Darthvadre112015-01-19 16:33:00
My creations arent appearing!5Elmustachio2015-01-19 15:08:00
NO Sound object !!!2LolloKing2015-01-19 08:09:00
Question concerning LBP4 DLC-issues regarding creating on PS32bzr2422015-01-18 13:00:00
How do you make a Calculator?3Darthvadre112015-01-17 21:38:00
How do I make Oddsock fat?4Oddsock2015-01-17 01:52:00
Im very low on thermometer. whats the best options?7dirtyyy2015-01-17 00:31:00
I bought the game and i can never play online always some error4Sinfully2015-01-15 19:13:00
Help please3Mommamcnair2015-01-12 12:45:00
freezing issues when unpausing in create-mode or changing to play-mode.1bzr2422015-01-11 10:50:00
Power-up Creator multiple button outputs1TheCoconutCondor2015-01-11 07:22:00
Smooth layer transitions for player movement?2ackley142015-01-11 02:38:00
My character isnt available.4nuessence2015-01-10 08:16:00
LBP3 PS4 missing story outfits!1Dosenbrot2015-01-08 14:21:00
"Capture item" not showing up?4Gguzzo12015-01-06 14:11:00
Is there a water material7paulianjames2015-01-06 13:50:00
Questions concerning character tweaker, character gameplay tweaker, etc?2Mymagic12122015-01-05 16:03:00
PS4 LBP loading forever if connected internet7j8j8j8jj82015-01-05 13:39:00
My whole level was deleted!1TotalRaMpAgE9812015-01-05 10:11:00
My Profile went corrupt... from watching tutorials.4Rallen2015-01-04 15:02:00
3d sackbot help7peterdas12015-01-04 13:24:00
What do these things mean? (LBP3)5dinorap12015-01-04 12:31:00
Could use help with power up logic.2Wompkat2015-01-04 07:42:00
Creating Organizertron Quests2Ihavedahswag2015-01-04 01:51:00
Stuck in Manglewood, Ziggurat wont open3obligatedsloth2015-01-03 18:03:00
Customizations made to Earth and Moon problems?3dinorap12015-01-03 17:49:00
Need help with creating stuff? (LBP3)2dinorap12015-01-03 17:19:00
Objects and stickers dont appear1gurren0092015-01-03 16:50:00
Stuck in Bunkam Lagoon - Cant get Swoop; Door will not appear after getting both marbles7tdgumble2015-01-03 09:50:00
My DLC packs wont work on LBP 3?12Qwertyqwerty2015-01-02 16:49:00
My DLC packs wont work on LBP 3?2Qwertyqwerty2015-01-02 16:47:00
Hide certain layers (Inc all the detail) when needed in play mode.3dirtyyy2015-01-02 15:29:00
Lift Making Help4paulianjames2015-01-02 13:03:00
Cant access my moon or Create mode in Little Big Planet 3.2PinguPrice2015-01-02 08:52:00
Not getting new materials2Akat2015-01-01 13:25:00
Profile Corrupt!!!8mr_luigi992014-12-31 14:06:00
sos4DAZZLER2014-12-31 10:29:00
Help1Sackboy1322014-12-31 07:18:00
SOS trouble again in create mode4DAZZLER2014-12-30 08:51:00
Help! i have lbp 3 2 and 1 but i cant retrieve lbp 1 data (Ive completed it and i have all the DLC)14KitaHavada2014-12-30 02:45:00
Impossible to play LittleBigPlanet 3 online?10Chromio2014-12-29 22:42:00
Help! I have to re-buy dlc?2MsPuddinnnn2014-12-29 22:24:00
DLC issue2weedilly2014-12-29 15:47:00
I dont know how to get all my old DLC to LBP3...3dinorap12014-12-29 15:07:00
Sackboy cant move anywhere (in pod or outside)10Dbear192014-12-29 14:46:00
I havent been able to join other players? (LBP3)1dinorap12014-12-29 14:37:00
Cant access LPB2 Collectors edition DLC in LBP31slidedrum2014-12-29 12:18:00
"I am invincible" problems4devilsgreen2014-12-29 09:56:00
Dont have tools after doing tutorials/import problems3The_Guy2014-12-29 02:26:00
Where is all my dlc?3Tynz212014-12-28 23:38:00
Cant get the knight helmet in Bunkum Lagoon!1Teregulous2014-12-28 15:17:00
Cant play past Prologue2Viktorx20012014-12-28 14:15:00
"Failed to connect to players" Please help!4Octopus2014-12-28 09:00:00
fundamental flaw in create mode8DAZZLER2014-12-28 02:57:00
I need people to help me with the multiplayer levels, Please1Carolflip2014-12-27 20:54:00
LBP3 recognises I have LBP and LBP2 unlocks, but its crossed out!5joshmanisdabomb2014-12-27 20:14:00
Sub accounts locked6Mfloyd2014-12-27 17:10:00
Missing materials!3Tod02014-12-27 03:18:00
Only 25 Tutorials? (PS3-Version)2Ner0nitas2014-12-26 07:30:00
Cant Play HELP!!!4Obywatel_GC2014-12-26 02:52:00
I cant continue the story.5sonimario20002014-12-25 20:22:00
Littlebigplanet3 logic and items missing!5Hyperfairy7772014-12-25 16:50:00
Problem connecting with other players [PS4]3asematt2014-12-24 00:41:00
Controller Bug?2Arkichus2014-12-23 19:48:00
Cant Play game since latest patch - constant crash (PS4)2Lightning_06082014-12-22 23:58:00
purchased level kits locked2starangel892014-12-22 21:17:00
Data corrupt for 4th time and cant import my backups8batfan22912014-12-21 04:43:00
How to use DEV tools?8JellyBellyScout2014-12-20 20:15:00
Store Stand And Punctuation Sensor2DiegoSMarinho2014-12-20 14:46:00
Transferring data?6Fawerty2014-12-20 12:41:00
Help! I cannot Unpause and Pause in popit acedemy or create.1DogeOfWonders3782014-12-20 07:05:00
Disable PopIt in Little Big Planet 38Tw1stedM1nd2014-12-20 04:55:00
A player failed to load your profile5jedbeetle2014-12-18 13:32:00
The bounce pads dont work!!6The_Dark_One2014-12-18 12:12:00
sackbots cant use blaster handle13starangel892014-12-17 21:12:00
cant use my dlcs on any other account on ps41starangel892014-12-17 20:55:00
Cant collect Popit Academy przies3Sound Friction2014-12-17 01:41:00
Missing Quest in Adventure Mode3canadian94eh2014-12-16 13:12:00
Profile Corrupt Ps44Arcticrage2014-12-15 16:05:00
LBP3 US region to EU transfer1roops2014-12-13 15:44:00
LBP3 Editor Problem13Schnufflknuffl2014-12-13 06:08:00
" Failed to load resources " Tip1nerd_dog2014-12-12 18:45:00
Cannot get LittleBigPlanet Cap or Run Sackboy Run! Shirt4SuperSonic18792014-12-11 14:56:00
"I am invincible" trophy4Ayneh2014-12-07 21:31:00
Locked story levels4FreddyFerrari2014-12-04 09:36:00
Help! I cant put stickers in my pod or levels!1ivilokenderosxd2014-12-03 12:27:00
Does Toggle not float by default?4Sir Green Day2014-12-01 14:26:00
HELP I cant get my last trophy "a guy called quest" and I completed everything!2jackieee43212014-12-01 14:23:00
How to give Sackboy powerups at beginning of the level?4Sir Green Day2014-12-01 06:41:00
How can I make an area that is only accessible by sackboy?1Adamjstone2014-12-01 05:30:00
Girlfriends PSN account cant access the Pod Controller (LBP3)2erekoseW2014-11-30 21:09:00
LBP3 profile became corrupt... twice4koreymeister2014-11-30 16:06:00
Hinge in the Storymode?5DragonFly25002014-11-30 12:03:00
It isnt letting me transfer my 5 years of progress!2Heeblablae2014-11-30 10:20:00
Cant connect to anyone..3anton14532014-11-30 08:41:00
Cant move6Enjy_man2014-11-29 18:50:00
cant move my sack boy2moon creator2014-11-28 02:17:00
A little logic help pewease?5dee Balistic Missaile2014-11-27 13:47:00
LittleBigPlanet Vita content compatible?3INU4SH4-2014-11-27 02:34:00
I dont have the Blaster Handle...?5MercWithAMouth4W2014-11-26 23:26:00
Im looking for examples on making quests.1Sir Green Day2014-11-25 18:41:00
Cant transfer my LBP1 Content!2ItsToxiiC2014-11-25 16:15:00
Blaster Handle questions.2Sir Green Day2014-11-23 18:24:00
Book 3 is not working!1Audire192014-11-23 12:19:00
Where are all the sounds from lbp1, 2, and vita? All im getting are vehicles, contraptions, and alerts as the only sound3facelickerz2232014-11-23 07:20:00
back layer glitches out. : /1oblivion12602014-11-23 00:34:00
"Corrupt Data" We need a patch asap!1EzRa ZinKy2014-11-23 00:25:00
Cant Get "Completed levels Gifts", "Aced level gifts", or "Collected All Prizes Gifts" and wont show up when i visit the9facelickerz2232014-11-22 18:32:00
I cant move further in Story Mode2Platysynthesis2014-11-22 16:18:00
Cant Use Create Mode! - LBP316IneXtrikbul2014-11-22 08:31:00
How to Re-Download old DLC3cscz1232014-11-21 00:37:00
A player failed to load your profile4phatprize2014-11-20 17:06:00
Corrupted Data?? LBP32CyberBatz2014-11-20 15:56:00
little big planet paid dlc wont import into lbp310challe2322014-11-20 15:40:00
Help LBP3 sticker glitch (ps3)4sayer69132014-11-19 14:25:00
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Aus dem Archiv wurden alle persönlichen Daten wie Name, Anschrift, Email etc. - aber auch sämtliche Inhalte wie z.B. persönliche Nachrichten - entfernt.
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