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2015-10-03 12:15:31 / Author: mdkd
I have got a problem with LBP3. This game is known for it's bugs. 
Whatever, I had the 1.13 update, until my game didn't start, because the game data had issues, suddenly...
So I deleted it and I installed it again. After a while I saw the 'Sackboy installs the update' screen again. It was installing, but after a half on an hour I got a message with this code:

I can't play LBP3 anymore. What's wrong? My PS3, the game disk, or the game itself?

Thank you for reading. I hope I get some help here.
2015-10-03 12:15:31
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2015-10-05 17:22:06 / Author: nerd_dog
it's probably something with the update you were downloading.. you may have to delete the game install and update data. shouldn't effect your actual profile data.. don't delete that part
2015-10-05 17:22:06
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2015-10-06 01:29:40 / Author: mdkd
I did. After the message 'Delete your game data' has come, I deleted the data. My profile data is still there.
I think I have to try it again...
2015-10-06 01:29:40
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