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How Do I Make A Good 3D Platformer?

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2015-07-25 23:01:18 / Author: SuperLarno
Hi, I'm working on a series of levels on LBP3 that makes use of the 3D Movement chip and much more! 

The only issue is that I'm am not the best for creating levels, I am good with tools like Microchips and things of that sort but when it comes to levels, my past levels say it all (They're not to the best by any means), so I came to what I've heard to be one of the good LBP Community Sites and get a few tips from the lovely users.

 I apologize in advance if i have done anything wrong, this is my first time here so please forgive me.  
2015-07-25 23:01:18
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2015-07-25 23:26:29 / Author: amiel445566
I assume by 3D you mean FPS

If you have the 3D movement down already, the next thing you want to do is to create an expansive set of gameplay styles, give the player variety. Decoration also goes a long way, and with 3D, it helps to use decoration mounts, and layer movers to position things where you want them in 3D (using timers and in/out movers set to positional, you can position anything you want in any layer. This is also good for materials you want partially through a layer). Having some materials that partially jut into an in-between layer may mess up some physics, so if it doesn't collide the way you want it to, it may help to dephysicallize the material/object.

Things to focus on (after making working 3D movement) is:

(*)Game design
(*)Incorporation of art and game design elements

If you don't have the best skills in some design areas such as game design or decoration, then you could always ask this lovely community for in-game aid.

Hope this helps 
2015-07-25 23:26:29
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2015-07-25 23:55:20 / Author: Tynz21
I think he means the one that let's you smoothly walk through the layers, not the first person thing. I could be wrong though. I would just look at levels you like and try to emulate them to a degree. Make obstacles in sections and then fill in the in between paths afterword. Don't glue together unnecessarily, use the static object feature where applicable so you can easily move things and deposition them.
2015-07-25 23:55:20
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2015-07-25 23:59:35 / Author: SuperLarno

Thank you very much for the reply but what I mean by 3D Platformer is more of a Super Mario 3D World approach. Thanks Anyway!
2015-07-25 23:59:35
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2015-07-26 01:28:48 / Author: Psmerga
Play levels from chris_redwalker6 to get some inspiration.
Dont use all layers through all level but leave some sections with less layers inbetween.
Dont press to much materials in each other with dephysicalise tweak.
It makes some cool effects when used correctly, but it can make the level to complicated.
Also you can make some cool effects with use of the layer-mover-tool like from glitchmaster7. (you can find on youtube)
Also dont overuse it because it mostly ends in overlapping materials with help of dephysicalizer tool.
Game mechanics depends on your creativity so just have fun experimenting.
2015-07-26 01:28:48
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2015-07-26 02:00:22 / Author: amiel445566
Tips for the OTHER kind of 3D that I mistook:

(*)Keep tweaking 3D movement until it works perfectly. Coarse controls or huge deadzones often make these levels unplayable (at least comfortably)
(*)Use panels of thin invisible material no some ledges (if you want it to function like non 3D where you cant fall off of layers without jumping, then just use dephysicalizers, tags, and logic trickery)
(*)Be on the lookout for structures that make your camera glitch into them (or just have a Z axis fit camera, one that won't move)
(*)These levels are a great opportunity for even more decoration and game design, use that to its fullest
(*)Since you are incorporating 3D movement, keep in mind what else you could potentially add to movement that would make the 3D even better (I.E diving, flipping, climbing, sliding, etc.)
(*)Make it work for the amount of players you are creating it for, and whenever you add anything, keep in mind how it works with that number
(*)Go easy on the layers, they're lots of thermo to provide game mechanics in all of them, and too many will make the level feel too empty (or to fill them would eat at your thermo even more)
(*)Play test, play test, and play test even more
(*)Test separately in multiplayer, and be on the lookout for potential bugs
(*)Save often
(*)Manage your resources, and keep them tidy
(*)Don't repeat gameplay mechanics (or at least too often, E.G. bouncepad then sponge wheel)
(*)Ask for help. If you don't know how to do something, ask this community, or a friend of yours; there's no shame in not knowing something

These are just some, but with these in mind, your level is sure to work loads better
2015-07-26 02:00:22
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