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Compatibility Issues LBP1-content in LBP3

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2015-03-24 15:11:00 / Author: bzr242
Isn't it nice that we can play all the community levels from lbp1 and lbp2 in lbp3? The game is meant to be backward compatible.

So I have tested some of my LBP1-levels in LBP3, and well... Some of them actually worked. Now, I don't want to start into the probelms that came with the infinite-layer-glitch. I haven't used it to create. And I think if you use a known glitch, it is not the developers fault if your level won't work in a version where the glitch is "fixed".

But even if you did not use any glitches or exploits the lbp3-engine has some troubles with lbp1-levels. Here is what I have found so far:

- Connectors
I know a lot of creators hate using connectors in the later games. In the first there was no alternative. Some connectors seem a lot less toughin lbp3 than in lbp1, which causes things to literally break and fall apart, that were working fine in the first game.

- Emitters
A bug or glitch I found in LBP3 early in create-mode: If you attach an emitter to a collected object rather than to a shape made from whatever material, the emitter will do weird things with the angle. I tried to build a power-up gun, it kept fiering directly upward, no matter what I did. Now, the weird thing is: that glitch also affects stuff built in lbp1. Emitters attached to collected objects in lbp1 may cause strange effects in lbp3.

- Creatures and brains(?)
I don't know, what the problem is, but in some levels the creatures I built just fell apart or froze. Seems like the brain is no longer attached to the creature, so if the brain is destroyed, the creature isn't. Its dangerous parts will stay lying around, sometimes creating level-breaking obstacles.

- Explosives
I don't get this. They changed the blast-range of explosives. If you have level game-play that revolves around blowing up obstacles, you gonna have a really bad time now.

- Update-Bullsh*t
So I test played every lbp1-level I had published. I thought, since they still get played, it might be a good service if I wrote into the level descrpition whether they work in lbp3 or not. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, big mistake.

Because I was stupid enough to do this in lbp3. Very big mistake, indeed.

The first hint, that something went wrong, was, when I replayed a level, and the water was missing. I quit lbp3 and startet lbp1. Guess what? Each and every level I changed the description of in lbp3 was corrupted to a point, that the PS totally froze, when I tried to play it in lbp1.

Well done, lads.
2015-03-24 15:11:00
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2015-03-24 16:17:00 / Author: Fox
There's something else. I posted this a long time ago: In LBP1, if you invert a switch and connect it to something (e.g. a tag sensor to a light), playing the level in LBP2 or 3 will cause the switch to malfunction and the light will no longer be activated, although the switch is. I believe that there's also some issues with tags being visible in LBP2 and 3 despite you setting them to invisible in LBP1.
2015-03-24 16:17:00
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