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Need help with level doors

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2016-01-27 19:15:48 / Author: Psmerga
System: PS3.
Gameversion: CD.

Hi there.
After some break from the game, i felt like playing LBP3 again.
I wouldnt bother you otherwise but i am desperate.
I dont find any (at all) tutorial how to connect level doors.
I tried everything but still dont get it work properly.

The task:
Get levels in the adventure coneccted so the doors works in following way:
-The level should not have a start gate. (Expect intro)
-You should enter the level via door that is connected to the level where you come from.

-Setting doors as startpoint. (on/off)
-Giveing doors tags. (Startpoint, endpoint, both same tags...)
-Combination of both.

Now i am looking like a noob and thinking of way around using questsmarker.
But there i made same experience.
I have seen somewhere a tutorial and made all the same but didnt work lol.
No matter what i did, it didnt work in the end.
I cant belive that only my ps3 is bugged so i am wondering what am i doing wrong.
The adventures just dont like me.
2016-01-27 19:15:48
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2016-03-12 03:12:19 / Author: krokkoguy

Try this: when activating door, complete a hidden quest (give it a tag). When you enter the next level, check which of the hidden quests are completed, teleport player to the door and deactivate all these hidden quests.
2016-03-12 03:12:19
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2016-03-13 23:17:44 / Author: Psmerga
Thanks for answer Krokkoguy.
Intended to use that method but it seems i will not care about LBP anymore.
Or at last i will not create.
The Leveldoors are buggy at my system and even if turned OFF, they still let me enter at wrong place.
Experienced also that they ignore startpoint.
Once i had all checkpoints on.
I cant work with something that dont work always the same way.
2016-03-13 23:17:44
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