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Unbreakable sackbots?

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2017-05-07 20:34:48 / Author: LittlePumpkin030
Hello fellow creators... does anyone of you know if there is a possibility to make a sackbot unbreakable? The tweaker which controls the sackBOY is not working in the microchip of a sackBOT.

2017-05-07 20:34:48
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2017-05-08 16:32:04 / Author: Sound Friction
2017-05-08 16:32:04
Sound Friction
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2017-05-08 19:22:10 / Author: LittlePumpkin030
The issue I have on my current level is, that on certain points, the sackbot gets squished... like in between a couch and wall or anything similar... and I thought about making them not squishable!? or better to say invincible on everything.

But I cannot find a solution for it... My poor sackbot still gets squished 
2017-05-08 19:22:10
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2017-05-09 17:03:24 / Author: mdkd
There is no solution in LBP3 right now. It only works for Sackboy right now.
2017-05-09 17:03:24
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2017-05-09 18:06:31 / Author: LittlePumpkin030

Ah ok... thats what I thought... Well thats why I made a respawn Button ^_^
2017-05-09 18:06:31
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2017-05-10 02:35:56 / Author: ramkibainu
hmm... maybe dephiscalizing the sackbot and using an invisible cube of material as the hitbox with the controllinator attached, you can use a follower to avoid the sackbot to fall trough the floor
just an idea
2017-05-10 02:35:56
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2017-05-10 10:13:20 / Author: mdkd
It could actually work what you said. Except for the animations. The Sackbot would just fly around. Or you could use the controlinator tools to make custom animations.
2017-05-10 10:13:20
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2017-05-11 12:17:42 / Author: Psmerga
I was experinenting with dephiscalized sackbot and in my opinion it is not the best solution.
It is a way less work to make a sackbot spawn/checkpoint than to make a new hitbox.
A dephiscalized sackbot will need custom animations since it cant tuch anything.
Also there is a problem with stuff like climbing or swimming.
I remember that someone wrote that you need to make sackbot invulnerable to lightning to make him able to swimm.
If i remember correctly, the chip should also work on sackbot but i am not sure.
Maybe it is bug.
There are strangest bugs like disabled in/out movenent in twisted camera level.
I didnt answer earlier since i had no time to play and to try out if it is true that the vulnerability chip dont work on sackbot.
Perhaps i will have time on weekend to check it out or to upload my version of the sackbot checkpoint.
Sorry for beeing no help at the moment.
Have fun playing and creating.
2017-05-11 12:17:42
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2017-05-11 20:56:58 / Author: mdkd
This is for LBP3, right? A sackbot is able to swim in LBP3. I think this checkpoint system is good enough. To avoid those deaths with heavy objects you have to test out what works best in the enveironment.
2017-05-11 20:56:58
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2017-05-12 21:47:05 / Author: LittlePumpkin030
Yeah i think I just keep to my respawn button though... it's ok so far for my adventure I guess... I need to see if I need to figure something else out when I go deeper into the story...

**prologue of my adventure is already out and ready to play **
2017-05-12 21:47:05
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