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Need Someone to Create Music for Levels (Thunder Blaze : Jet's Adventure)

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2015-09-23 17:59:36 / Author: SuperLarno
I'm working on a level series called Thunder Blaze : Jet's Adventure and so far I'm the only person working on it (that's why it hasn't had a update in a while) but I can't make music and I don't want to be that one guy that uses everybody else's music (I guess I kinda am but still), so it would be a great help if someone could create music sequencers in LBP3 PS3 / PS4  .
Thanks for Reading!
(Link to level post :
2015-09-23 17:59:36
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2015-09-24 18:29:53 / Author: nerd_dog
what's wrong with using music from music creators galleries? that's what we make them for lol. as long as you're giving the proper credit in the description.
2015-09-24 18:29:53
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2015-09-25 11:08:20 / Author: SuperLarno

I didn't mean to say that the music from galleries are bad (Sorry if it sounded like that), in fact some of my favorite music of all time came from some of the music creators in LBP and I'm going use a few tracks from a gallery or two but I think some original music would just make the experience that extra bit better, more immersive some would say, that's all.
2015-09-25 11:08:20
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