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2015-03-21 04:15:00 / Author: samuasp
Even with my logic skills i have managed to hit a dead end in programing one of my levels. Its a top down hybrid and i would appreciate it if one of you guys could come and look at my setup and point me in the right direction. The problem lies with sensing layers as everything i have tried fails. Take note i am using a dynamic thermometer but i have never had problems with it before as all my lbp3 levels use it, thanks Sam
2015-03-21 04:15:00
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2015-03-21 06:58:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Sam,

don't become discouraged, I'm sure that you will get some support from our community! Unfortunately I have no experience with top down levels, so I wouldn't be any help for you! I wsh you luck and many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-03-21 06:58:00
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2015-03-21 07:23:00 / Author: samuasp
Thanks for the response. I cant upload any pics of what i have so far. Got the majority done just need a setup to sense the players layer position. I have got a two sections connected by a slide that the player can walk up and down. As this is a hybrid level it consists of both a top down section and the standard LBP platforming and gameplay will switch between the two, Sam
2015-03-21 07:23:00
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2015-03-21 13:29:00 / Author: Ayneh
There is a 'same layer' detection option on tag sensors. I'm not sure but I think player sensors may have something like that.

Alternatively, you could use thick layers of sticker panel with impact sensors. Whichever layer is being impacted has a player in it.
2015-03-21 13:29:00
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2015-04-16 16:12:00 / Author: Psmerga
Steve big guns made something in that way. Look on his earth for top down something. It is a giveaway. Copy to moon and check it out. Hope this will help.
2015-04-16 16:12:00
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