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Cant connect to anyone..

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2014-11-30 08:41:00 / Author: anton1453
Hi, so i can play anyother game fine so i guess my internet and router is fine so i am assuming that there is a problem with lbp 3 when connecting to other players for some people. I can play community levels, load the store and do everything else then accually joining someone :c

Any idea what to do? All i need for my butiful platinum trophy is to be able to play the game with some friends.

Console: Playstation 4
Game region: Europe/Sweden
PSNID: anton1453
2014-11-30 08:41:00
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2014-11-30 09:27:00 / Author: nerd_dog
it's an issue for everyone. with any luck, the patch that they keep promising will help with this
2014-11-30 09:27:00
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2014-11-30 11:44:00 / Author: anton1453
Yeah, i hope this issue gets a fix.. mean while i will probably be playing something else or community levels
2014-11-30 11:44:00
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