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HELP! Level Links

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2015-04-18 17:17:00 / Author: sana_88
I've never been good at level links.
And I need help with it

I've seen some levels that use level links to continue their level, and once they go through, if you review it, it reviews the first level? The second level is somehow included in the level?

Please help, what I mean is that once you go through it, it simply doesn't show the second level info on the pause menu/ end level menu.

Thanks -Liam
2015-04-18 17:17:00
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2015-04-18 23:44:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
This may help, (Well, very, very likely will.). When publishing your 'Level 2', or 'Level 3', upon publishing it, make it a 'Sub-level', it is by 'Copyable' and 'Locked'. It makes the level tiny to you, and invisible to anyone else, thus probably combining the level, so you can not access the level if you are not the creator unless there is a level link.
2015-04-18 23:44:00
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2015-04-19 00:08:00 / Author: sana_88
Hmm.. Probably it! And, I think I know where the level settings are, thank you.
No literally, thanks
2015-04-19 00:08:00
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