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How do you "group" objects?

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2016-12-09 04:36:48 / Author: Platysynthesis
I've noticed that many of the user-created objects that I found through the levels I played that trying to delete its individual partsĀ areĀ impossible. It just means that instead of using the marquee to select the whole thing to delete the object, you only have to select one.

How do you group objects together like that?
2016-12-09 04:36:48
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2016-12-09 06:59:47 / Author: kubac2000
I think you'll need two PSN accounts for that or a friend to do so.

For accounts way:
1. Sign in to your second account (if you do not have one, create it), then add your first account to your friend list.
2. Go back to your first account, accept the friend request. Then go to LBP and capture the object you need in Goodies Bag in your moon. Now hit square button on your captured object and choose 'Send'. Pick your 2nd account. If done correctly you should have a received message from your 1st account.
3. Go to your 2nd account again and head to LBP and go to moon (if you haven't played the game on a 2nd account you'll have to play Introduction level first)
4. When you appeared in your pod, you might have got a notification about getting a gift, so you can accept that and download the object. If you missed that you can easily find in Pause Menu by going into 'LBP Messages'.
5. After that, in your moon place down that object and capture it again. Send the recaptured object back to your 1st account and then go back to it.
6.After you received and downloaded your object you should get an untearable object.

With your friend method:
1.Capture your object and send it to your friend.
2.Let your friend go to moon and recapture the object so he can send it back to you.
3.After you received and downloaded your object you should get an untearable object.

By the way. The same thing happens to others if you give your objects out in your levels in your Earth, so if you plan to give it away there's no need to lock your object.

ALSO IMPORTANT: If you do this trick you'll be unable to get your editable object back if you delete the original. Keep that in mind.
2016-12-09 06:59:47
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2016-12-09 07:53:06 / Author: mdkd
That's what I thought about it. If you get a object with more components, you can't edit single parts.

It's like in Unity. As a creator you can edit every single object of a whole object, if attached.
2016-12-09 07:53:06
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2016-12-09 09:53:33 / Author: Psmerga
If you want to breake single part out of the copyrighted group, you have to use the destroy tool.
Since it destroys only the single part by default, you dont need to do any tweaks on it.
Have fun.
2016-12-09 09:53:33
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2016-12-09 09:59:54 / Author: mdkd
Well, this is also a way to play LBP.
2016-12-09 09:59:54
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