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Poppit Academy Term 2 Final Level???

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2015-05-13 12:32:00 / Author: DaCheezBoss
This level isn't working for me. When you must make the sackbot dance with your own moves, (Yes I did use a second controller to pause and unpause and that sorta thing ) It just did not do anything after that. I had done what the game told me to do, but the door did not open...

Help would be greatly appreciated
2015-05-13 12:32:00
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2015-05-13 12:58:00 / Author: kubac2000
This bug appears when you finish recording Sackbot, so it rewinds back to time when you started tweaking sackbot to reset everything except Sackbot's animation but it doesn't actually rewind. Try to rewind a few times (best if you rewind to point before you were in animation section) then go back and try again, the door should open. However if it doesn't Retry the level.

I had that too and I fixed it simply by rewinding
2015-05-13 12:58:00
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