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Dont have tools after doing tutorials/import problems

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2014-12-29 02:26:00 / Author: The_Guy
I did the interactive tutorials and got everything, but then i moved onto the tutorials where you instead watch how it works. Some of the things, i already knew, so i backed out of the tutorial, but it still technically completes it. I then went to create mode and looked in my tool bag, but there was barely anything new in their. Do i have to watch the tutorial from start to finish in order to get the tool?

on a side note, is anyone else having this problem - When you import stuff from lbp2 to lbp3 (ps4), it only imports...nothing really. I have a few odd objects in the goodies back, but no clothing items. Then there is the dlc problem. I had quite a bit of dlc, and when i went on lbp3, i only had one pack of dlc. I think looked in the store, and some of the things i had bought were free, so i re-downloaded them, but some of the things i had bought, it said i had to pay for them. that, and not all the dlc was available. Is sumo/sony fixing this? will we eventually be able to have all the dlc we had on lbp2 for free?
2014-12-29 02:26:00
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2014-12-29 04:47:00 / Author: The_Guy
problem solved. Turns out i am a bit thick. All i had to do was enable advanced tools in settings
2014-12-29 04:47:00
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2014-12-29 13:08:00 / Author: Cat man
Thanks soooo much I have all of the same problems but some of but the monster pack costs money as well
2014-12-29 13:08:00
Cat man
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