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[Logic] Very confusing logic >_<.

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2015-07-01 16:10:00 / Author: petethepug
So to you guys who are not really as excpierned with logic this may not be a part of the forum where you would want to be, although if you want to try, and help me figure out the problem be my guest,

Hey folks! Just recently today I been making a health bar for a sack bot for my upcoming level Wizzard Towers, the game is based on a Wizard/Spell survival game, and you have to react quickly in order to survive. There is no where for you to go once you enter the tower, and many have not survive. Roomer has it that blood has crept through the walls of the tower dripping out from the outer walls, made from the crystal itself.

Anyways I'm getting off topic,

The reason I need help is because the Sack Bot will not take damage properly from anything, I am using Sticker Panel, and the right tag is on, and its set to trigger damage on the sack bot not the controlnator. So as a result the player will take damage if any part of the sack bot is hit with a weapon, or spell.

The thing is the spell is not working, and the percentage of damage is set on 20% just to do a test to see if it works. When I get hit by it I do not receive damage, and the projectile disappears.
Am I doing something wrong >_<.

Help will be appreciated c:

PS: I feel like Albert Einstein >_<.
2015-07-01 16:10:00
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2015-07-01 19:01:00 / Author: supmike
Are you using an impact sensor? if so, make sure you have "include touching" checked. This makes the impact sensor recognized when hit by sticker panel/hologram

If that's not the problem try going thru the process while looking at the logic... Make sure the wires and sensors are lighting up where they should be... that could help diagnose where the problem is, at least that's what I do.

Hope this helps !
2015-07-01 19:01:00
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2015-07-01 19:29:00 / Author: petethepug
I will make sure to do this, thanks .
2015-07-01 19:29:00
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2015-07-17 07:29:47 / Author: amiel445566
If you want to upgrade your damage system, consider using a > FEEDBACK LOOP <, they are easily modified, and can mutate to your needs in your level. You can make it so each bullet has it's own damage, even randomize the damage to a small degree. With feedback loops, anything is possible!

If you need any other help besides that tutorial link, please feel free to PM me, or reply to this comment
2015-07-17 07:29:47
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2015-07-17 07:40:18 / Author: Trayvargus
I know of a few videos on youtube that will help you. There is also a trailer by the same person and a level which I would recommend. I don't have the time to individually link the videos but I will link the channel as he has videos on sackbot rolls, double jump, health systems etc. However these videos are from LBP2 and although all the principles are correct minor adjustments may be needed!

If you need any thing else I'm trying to learn a bit more advanced logic so I would be happy to take a look!
2015-07-17 07:40:18
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2015-07-17 07:48:42 / Author: amiel445566
Sorry for not mentioning this earlier, forgot about it completely until now; it's a chipset me and my friend developed on the idea of feedback loops
2015-07-17 07:48:42
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2015-07-22 11:07:20 / Author: Tynz21

2015-07-22 11:07:20
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