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Making me purchase DLC I already own?

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2015-01-25 07:24:00 / Author: Zx_rexdude
Okay, so back on LBP2 on PS3, I had a ton of costumes Id purchased, so naturally I re downloaded them all on my PS4 for LBP3. However, when it came to downloading certain costumes (commander Shepard, Wrex, Hawkeye) it gave me the option to purchase them, but not download. I have already purchased these costumes a long time ago, and I'm not sure how to get them on my Ps4. If anyone could help, that'd be great!
I have screenshots from my PS3 to prove I've purchased them, so it's not a case of confusion.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
2015-01-25 07:24:00
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2015-01-25 11:20:00 / Author: Mhx Air
Are you downloading from PSN or the LBP store?
I'd look at my past purchases or downloads from the PSN store and download from there.
I haven't come across this problem because I don't own those specific costumes.
2015-01-25 11:20:00
Mhx Air
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2015-01-25 12:00:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Also, many people are having similar issues with things like this. Sumo said that they will be able to have this fixed in patch 1.05
2015-01-25 12:00:00
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2015-01-25 12:26:00 / Author: Zx_rexdude
I've tried downloading from both, but they each say that I have to purchase them. I had a look on my downloads on my PS3 and they're all there, but I can't open downloads on the ps store on PS4 (or at least I'm not sure how). Thanks for the help though!
2015-01-25 12:26:00
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