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Change Character-form for ALL players

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2015-08-10 10:11:29 / Author: BiggiSchnupsi
Hi All!
Maybe someone can help me!  

Problem: I want to teleport all players to a special location in my level
and switch them automatically to an other Char (for example: Swoop becomes Sackboy again).

Teleporting all players is no problem, but I can not manage to CHANGE ALL of them!
I managed it to change player one, but when I connect my second controller, player two does NOT change!
It's a problem for my level, cause Swoop can fly around everywhere, and I want the players automatically stop to be Swoop in the "fly-restricted" areas!

Thanks in advance, Schnupsi
2015-08-10 10:11:29
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2015-08-11 04:20:40 / Author: Psmerga
Maybe by using a closed room to trap all players and creade a door (second teleporter) that can be only grabbed by sackboy and teleports only the activating player.
Hope this helps.
2015-08-11 04:20:40
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2015-08-11 07:17:38 / Author: BiggiSchnupsi
Thanks for answering and offering a solution!

Yes i have this closed room AND an exit back to the main aerea!
I never thought of the variant to port ONLY player one, cause I didn't want to kill the other players.

But if this works, I only can say "the end does not justify the means"  
2015-08-11 07:17:38
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2015-08-11 11:01:01 / Author: Psmerga
What i meant was that all player will be ported to the sealed room.
In sealed room you have the charakter changer door.
Behind the door, you can use a way to only let the sackboy through.
Either by using a "custom portal door" that ports you only just behind the room,
Where you can still share the screen. ( solution with grabable sensor from first post)
Or by using a wall, that is tweaked with phisycs tweaker (anticollision) whitch collides with all other charakters except sackboy.
2015-08-11 11:01:01
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2015-08-11 12:54:53 / Author: BiggiSchnupsi

I already have this, and it works. And who doesn't change can't access the area.
My problem is the porting back to the main area, there are no Swoops allowed, cause they could reach some not designed areas, and start posting screenshots with crying faces  

THIS may solve my problem, thanks. Cause I tried this with a character-sensor, and this sensor was satisfied when at least one player has changed ... and I need to force ALL players change back to Sackboy again.
Maybe the collide-logic works with ALL players.

2015-08-11 12:54:53
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2015-08-11 18:30:42 / Author: diego246
Put a broadcast microchip down and set it to Swoop only. Then inside the chip put a player sensor and set the range to 0.1. Then connect the player sensor to a character tweaker set to Sackboy. This will make all players that are inside the broadcast microchip's range that are Swoop be changed to Sackboy.
2015-08-11 18:30:42
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2015-08-12 07:23:56 / Author: BiggiSchnupsi
Hey Diego!

It is exactly what I wished ! I will try Your solution when I come home, thank You very much
2015-08-12 07:23:56
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