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SOS trouble again in create mode

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2014-12-30 08:51:00 / Author: DAZZLER
I'm stuggleing in create mode again need help with advance logic as a whole but I'm really trying to get my sack person to fly during an area of zero gravity I've managed to do it with a sack not and controlinator
But surely in this day and age there's a way of applying this directly to the sack person.
Some help would be greatly appreciated. I'm on lbp3 on ps4.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
2014-12-30 08:51:00
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2014-12-30 08:52:00 / Author: Woutery
Just put your logic on a Broadcast microchip set to All Players In Range and it should work.
2014-12-30 08:52:00
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2014-12-30 08:55:00 / Author: DAZZLER
I have tried this one. But I couldn't seem to get it to work. What would you recommend to be placed on the chip.
I'm trying to get a similar motion to one of the story where u can go into various areas and move through anti gravity and holding x makes u go slightly faster
2014-12-30 08:55:00
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2014-12-31 10:37:00 / Author: bestnameeva
Broadcast a controlinator with a mover and a zero gravity, make sure broadcast chip is set to all plyers in range and chage the range to unlimited Also make sure the controlintator Iis set to reciever and the little sackboy head is highlited. Youll need a seperate mover wired to x and the left stick to move faster when you press x.
Now if you want to add diffeeant animation for floating like swimming thn thats gonna be more work than I can comprehend sorry
2014-12-31 10:37:00
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