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Dlc help... which is very complex.

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2015-05-27 01:21:00 / Author: Creepermon25
Hey fellow forum-ers!
I recently went back to play some lbp2 dlc packs so I could get the materials for 3. However, I purchased the DLC on one PSN account then made a new one on the same ps3. I lost the password and e-mail that I set the first one up on and do not want to purchase it again. Even if I did try and re-buy it, I can't get on the store in-game as it, after a few seconds, starts too slow down and get stuck on the "Loading" screen. HELP!
If anyone can help me, I would highly appreciate it!


(Do it for the Sackbot plz )
2015-05-27 01:21:00
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2015-05-27 01:29:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
It should still be available... and you can play DLC Packs on LBP3! You go to Play, and then under Adventure is More Stories. There are options of which game's packs you want to see, so make sure it show LBP2 Packs. Other than that, I am not sure how to help... if it still is not there, contact Sony or Sumo Digital. They should be able to fix it!
2015-05-27 01:29:00
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2015-05-27 03:28:00 / Author: Creepermon25
Well, as I said, I can't access the in-game store as it lags out and then gets stuck on the loading screen, so I can't do that. Even if I went on the PS4 store, it only shows the footballer DLCs. Thanks for trying though, DiamondDiancie10!

2015-05-27 03:28:00
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2015-05-27 07:45:00 / Author: Biorogue
it sounds to me like your are up a certain creek without a paddle. I mean, without knowing the email you used, you have no way to recover the password. You can try calling customer support but that would be a long shot. Good luck.
2015-05-27 07:45:00
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2015-05-27 09:31:00 / Author: Creepermon25
Just so you know, I know the E-Mail but I can't access it. Thanks for trying and responding though!
2015-05-27 09:31:00
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2015-05-28 01:06:00 / Author: Creepermon25

I've fixed the getting on the store issue, but it charges me as normal.
2015-05-28 01:06:00
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2015-05-29 06:27:00 / Author: StevenI

Would you mind telling me which country you're from and which content you're having an issue with?

Are you able to access the PlayStation Store from your console's main menu? Do you have any issues browsing or locating the content on there?
2015-05-29 06:27:00
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2015-05-29 10:13:00 / Author: Creepermon25
I assume by content I'm having an issue with you mean what DLC I'm trying to use. I have got the following level kits on my ps3:
Move pack
Monsters pack
History pack
Metal Gear Solid pack
Toy Story pack
Muppets pack

I own an English PS3 and PS4. I can assess the store from the playstation home menu (But it only reaches the football fan costumes and then gets in a loop from the MGS costume pack (The one with costumes for all the new characters) to football assets pack) and I've fixed the in-game store issue.

If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it!

2015-05-29 10:13:00
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2015-05-30 17:16:00 / Author: VanguardACTUAL
I have the exact same problem, yet I bought mine on an old account, and when living in spain. I now live UK, use a new account, and cannot re-download the vast majority of DLC I had. It would cost like 50 quid to re-buy it all, and I am not willing to spend that
2015-05-30 17:16:00
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2015-05-31 00:28:00 / Author: Creepermon25
I'm also worried that I have to pay for that really expensive eye upgrade for PS4 to use the move pack and that has really cool stuff.
2015-05-31 00:28:00
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