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Move Pack Frustration

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2015-06-21 21:11:00 / Author: dakrrs

Everyone remembers the awesome Move Pack from LBP2?

I see some people have gotten this DLC in LBP3. Not me.

I have waited for over 7 months now and I still cannot access my Move Pack.

I've contacted StevenI twice now and got no response. (no surprise)

I had just recently contacted Sumo Digital and StevenI via Twitter again.

I am not repaying for the DLC that I already own!

I recall saying "They'll fix it soon." That was 2 months in waiting. Guess I was wrong

7+ months is unacceptable!

Get this fixed ASAP!

Not too thrilled with you guys right now.

Don't get me wrong, I do still love your game, but I really want you guys to fix this.
2015-06-21 21:11:00
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2015-06-21 22:52:00 / Author: Psmerga
I got my movepack successfully imported from LBP2 to 3. (Didnt try to play it, but createmode accepts all prizes)
I have it on PS3 so the import was easy.
If i am not mistaken, you also play on PS3?
If so, than i dont get it why it doesent work for you.
But on other side, i encountered bugs that no one else had.

I am starting to feel cheated with this game.
I cant imagine that they have so much problems fixing this game over so long time. (Incompetent or lazy?)
I have seen on youtube a steam game that ONE SINGLE PERSON programmed ALONE over two years.
That game had almost quality of Halflife 2. (Didnt care about name sorry)
People who knows H2, will admit that this game is made by real professionals.
It will be one year after release and LBP3 will still not work properly.
Look to the trending up to now.

Sorry for my trolling but there are still so much bugs to repair.
We have now 1.08 patch.
Adventures for example still shows as unnamed level.
Some of logic still behaves irrationally.
Connections issues.
Profile issues.
Servers lags like hell so it is unplayable online.
No wonder that so many people switch back to LBP2.
I gave up reporting bugs because it will not be repaired either way.
Just wasting my time and energy.

Sorry again for trolling
2015-06-21 22:52:00
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2015-06-22 02:13:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi dakrrs,

its a shame that there still are friends that didn't get the move pack yet! I've got mine already some months ago and except that I had to play it once again to get all the prizes, there have been no problems! I will try to contact StevenI once again and if I have more success than you, then I will tell him about your problem, promised! But one thing! I can't remember whether its been the move pack or another level pack which I owned, but when I went to the store, there has been the pack and it seemed that it still wasn't available for free, but when I pushed the "buy it" button, then there was a pop-up menue where I could chose between buying it or getting it for free! I've been a little bit irritated, cause without info of some friends I never would have tried this out!

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-06-22 02:13:00
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2015-06-22 09:30:00 / Author: five-ate-five
Guess making new dlc is more important than fixing bugs, atleast i am not having these many bugs, phew. Feeling sorry for everyone else. (No, i'm not on sumo's side)
2015-06-22 09:30:00
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