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Profile Corrupt!!!

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2014-12-31 14:06:00 / Author: mr_luigi99
I was going through the tutorials, and i got an error and when i got back on the game it said my profile was corrupt. I don't want to do everything over again please tell me this can be fixed because i worked so hard to ace and complete things I don't want to have to do it all over again. ;-;
2014-12-31 14:06:00
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2014-12-31 14:15:00 / Author: Sound Friction
Hey, I'm sorry to tell you this, but if the game says your game profile corrupted, you can't really do much about it, so I'm afraid you have to delete your progress.
Back-upping is really important right now since the game isn't 100% stable.

By the way, say something about your self here if you like: LittleBigForum Introduction

Nontheless, have a nice day
2014-12-31 14:15:00
Sound Friction
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2014-12-31 16:04:00 / Author: mr_luigi99
I just replayed through the 3 levels of manglewood swamp and everything messed up and my levels are reset. What happened?!??!??!
2014-12-31 16:04:00
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2014-12-31 16:29:00 / Author: ZombieKitty
The game that's what's up.
I've tried to ace the levels and all of the sudden levels break including characters and I'm like WTF
2014-12-31 16:29:00
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2014-12-31 17:59:00 / Author: mr_luigi99
I can't find where I back up my profile in lbp3!
2014-12-31 17:59:00
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2015-01-01 10:02:00 / Author: Seleven7
PS3: Enter LBP3, go to pod, open the start menu, go to settings, scroll down to profile settings, and select the backup option.
PS4: Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Upload to Online Storage or Copy to USB Storage Device.
2015-01-01 10:02:00
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2015-01-02 12:56:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
... my profile broke 5 mins ago -.- tried to collect all bubbles from all levels, returned to pod after a story level -> ps4 restarted itself automatically and than I started lbp3 again -> profile corrupt -.- Honestly I'm not sure if I want to continue playing that game, it is for me personally the most disappointing game of the year.
2015-01-02 12:56:00
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2015-01-02 15:03:00 / Author: sammybounour
mabey you got to reset youre ps4 ?
I 'm not sure if it works.
2015-01-02 15:03:00
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