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Grappling hook

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2015-07-13 14:08:14 / Author: Wezze85
Ok so im having trouble with my grappling hook the thing just lets go of the bendybar for no reason at random times is there a fix for this?
2015-07-13 14:08:14
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2015-07-14 12:26:05 / Author: Wezze85
I think i found the problem, i converted to dynamic thermometer so when i got to far from it the grappling hook fell of so ive put a permancy tweaker on it and till now that works but i encounterd another problem YOU CANT GLUE TO A BENDYRAIL?? serious?? 

Well atleast i found this annoying causse i had to start my bendyrail allover again starting it from a block so i could place the tweaker on it or i did something wrong offcourse...

If it didnt help ill be back...
2015-07-14 12:26:05
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2015-07-14 12:38:22 / Author: Psmerga
I could glue bendyrail to a block. (Before 1.08)
I needed it to have exact position where to create centipede.
Is it now patched away?
2015-07-14 12:38:22
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2015-07-14 21:40:22 / Author: Wezze85
OK so I got back to test with bendyrail and I can glue stuff at the beginning and end don't know why it didn't work the first time...and I continued my lvl and the grappling hook stayed on so I geusse the permancy tweaker works.
2015-07-14 21:40:22
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