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Object-Saver through level-link?

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2015-07-06 05:51:00 / Author: SackboyFriend
I´m working on a pretty nice minigame with singleplayer and multiplayer elements. It is nearly completed, but I have a question about the Object-Saver. After some playing time you have to go through a Level-link, but I want to transfer the informations (e.g. completed stages) from the first Level to the second. Is this even possible? The Memorizor from LBP2 would be great, but it isn´t available in LBP3 :/
2015-07-06 05:51:00
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2015-07-06 20:12:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Those stages could be added as quests you have to complete. For what I know quest progress automatically saves and is shown on a linked level, atleast if they are both in a adventure thingy. On the linked level you should put quest sensors so the level knows what has been done and you can go from there.

Just create 2 empty levels and add some quick logic to test it out.

Btw if you want to keep it all saved just put all the logic you want to be saved in a piece of sticker panel and put an Object saver attached to it.
2015-07-06 20:12:00
Fox Stevenson
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