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My level seems to be glitched

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2015-06-25 17:13:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
I have been working on this one level I have for quite some time now, it got way bigger that I was planning at the beginning, logic wise and size. I added quests, object savers, I changed the whole level to Dynamic Thermometer as it was running slowly and it seemed to solve the issue.

Now for the real problem:

A bit after changing to the Dynamic Thermometer and learning how to use it on my level. I noticed that when I wanted to restart the level after finishing it, I would NOT spawn back on the entrance portal. I would instead, spawn right on the scoreboard. I tried pausing and restarting while in the middle of my level and it would take me to the entrance, OK. BUT the race gate I had, continued clocking down and it seemed like the level kept on going even tho I wanted to restart it.

On my level things get activated and some things get destroyed and when I restart the level they are still there, it doesn't actually start fresh. (I don't have any Object Saver logic attached to them.)

I don't know what to do, I've tried so many things. This never happened to me, has anyone experienced this? I need help please!

TL;DR >>>

About my level:
-It's a main level on a Adventure.
-It has quests
-Dynamic Thermometer is full
-Object saver logic attached to some core logic.
-Level is huge with lots of logic involved, (teleporting, pre-loading sections, quests sensors, player sensors and states.
-Everything works as intented.

Problem: Restarting it won't actually restart it fresh, the level keeps going.
2015-06-25 17:13:00
Fox Stevenson
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2015-06-25 22:54:00 / Author: Psmerga
I assume that when uploaded, it will work as it should. (Not sure about this)
I discovered same bugs with other stuff like moviecams, levelgates or spawnpoints.
Some stuff works differently in creative mode, differently in play mode, differently on earth for you and differently for other players on earth.
I had also the problem with level gates.
Instead of startpoint, i spawned on levelgate. (Without to tweak it so)
For this reason i use ONLY one spawnpoint (Startgate with infinite lives) for my levels that is moved with followers between checkpoints.
(Stupid workaround because of stressing thermo)
You could delete the scoreboard and finish the game with chip or make additional level just for ending with scoreboard.

Hope this helps you.
2015-06-25 22:54:00
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2015-06-26 00:31:00 / Author: Trayvargus
I'm not sure if my idea would work, but of the top of my head, set a player sensor to a high range and the setting on 'detect un-spawned players'. Then connect the output onto the entrance you want at the start of the level. If however this doesn't work and messes up your spawns later on, put the player sensor on a bit of sicker panel and place another player sensor on the second checkpoint with the exact same radius of the check point. Hook the 2nd player sensor into a destroyer you can place on the sticker panel containing the first player sensor. This way, the players should be able to spawn at the start of the level where you want, and when they reach the second, the first will no longer be active.
Hope this helps!
Happy gadding!

2015-06-26 00:31:00
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2015-06-26 05:05:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Hey guys, thanks for replying! I will try your sugestions soon and leave some feedback.

@Psmerga - "You could delete the scoreboard and finish the game with chip or make additional level just for ending with scoreboard."

I have tried doing that before but when I restart the level I won't spawn anywhere, the Progress board will just show and tell me I've completed the level... :/

@Trayvargus, I will give that a try.
2015-06-26 05:05:00
Fox Stevenson
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2015-06-26 06:12:00 / Author: Psmerga
Dang thats weird.
I had a bug in LBP2 where my all checkpoints were aktive at same time.
I couldnt repair that even with deleting all checkpoints and startpoint.
At the end i copied all stuff and deleted the lvl.
Recreating the level was a real pain.
I hope that you get some helpful hints.
I cant suggest recreating all level.
This is much work to do, even more with all the logic.
2015-06-26 06:12:00
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2015-06-26 06:37:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
@Psmerga, Indeed, I'm too frustrated with all this and I don't feel like recreating it all from scratch. What I will do is go back and check all of my back ups on that level and find the most recent one that actually works and start from there... Good thing I do back ups often.
2015-06-26 06:37:00
Fox Stevenson
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2015-06-26 08:41:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Hey guys I'm back! So I looked through my backups and found one that didn't have the Dynamic Thermometer on yet, and it is almost finished and most important it works! I can restart whenever I want and it actually restart it AND keeps track of my quests still!

Cause of the problem: Enabling Dynamic Thermometer AFTER creating the whole level with logic and everything... It somehow messed up the whole level, even parts were missing.

I'm so happy right now! I will finish tweaking the logic and quests and then proceed to do some extensive testing on my own and see if it all works. Soon I will post on the "LBP 3 Levels Section" my level for you all to check out. Thank you both for trying to help me out.

I can tell you right now some things about my level. It's a speedrun type of level where you have to find the fastest path from point A to B it has parkour elements inspired by Mirrors Edge, has collectabells to by cool items and gadgets on the Store, challenges that unlock items to buy, and a tone of replay value!

The store will contain cool things you can actually play with, not like most levels that give out a few stickers or props from the level as prizes.

I'm looking forward for you all to try it!
2015-06-26 08:41:00
Fox Stevenson
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2015-06-26 08:48:00 / Author: Psmerga
Thanks for the info about glitch.
It is always good to learn something new.
I am looking for your level.
2015-06-26 08:48:00
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2015-06-26 09:17:00 / Author: Trayvargus
Thanks for the update! I don't know im the end of you tried my method but seems like you didn't need me
2015-06-26 09:17:00
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2015-06-26 10:12:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
@Trayvargus, I had tried a lot of workaround with lots of logic and got too frustrated to try anything you had sugested, sorry
2015-06-26 10:12:00
Fox Stevenson
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2015-06-26 11:50:00 / Author: kubac2000
Well if you do want to have Dynamic Thermo on, to fix this I guess you have to place Permanency tweaker in the Entrance, so it can't dissapear when you're further. That's probably why you spawn on a scoreboard ;p
2015-06-26 11:50:00
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2015-06-26 12:19:00 / Author: Psmerga
Would that mean that you always have to save at startpoint and leave there to have "active area" there?
I am still asking myself how would this behave for other players while uploaded on earth.
2015-06-26 12:19:00
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2015-06-26 14:21:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Well this sucks, it happened again... And this time my level is on a normal thermo.

@kubac2000, I did that, didn't work.

At this moment I have a stable version of my level, but it's not complete as I'm slowy putting back the remaining logic left. But it seems the level tends to glitch and break if I add too much at once, because there just too much logic and things going on, causing it to not restart properly.

So I guess it wasn't because of the Dynamic Thermometer after all...

I think I might publish it soon and then just slowly update if needed, as the level it pretty much done and playable, all tho it's not how I had in mind.
2015-06-26 14:21:00
Fox Stevenson
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2015-06-26 14:39:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Omg... So I got the level done, I put it back on Adventure crate I press play and it actually brought back to life an older glitched version of my level it's so weird. The race gate clock was counting down and when I reach the actual race gate it starts another counter at the same time, it's like I have a mix of the old and new versions at the same time.

Any help? :/

Also, I'm already thinking of an alternative, I just need to know if I can take collectabells from the main level to a sub-level, both of them linked together, published, but NOT in a Adventure Crate.

EDIT: I also noticed that when Import a level to an Adventure Crate, I have to recreate the quests... That's really annoying.

EDIT #2: Ok so apparently when I finish the level and the Progress Board show up I press restart and the Progress Board show up again like if I didn't have time to spawn on the Start Gate, but if I restart again it let's me spawn normally...
2015-06-26 14:39:00
Fox Stevenson
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