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2015-07-21 13:08:38 / Author: VanguardACTUAL
Hi all!

So I wan to make a fan which you pull a switch to turn it on, go to little toggle, and the fan lifts you up. To clarify, the fan is beneath you. I'm awful at logic, and was just wondering how to make the fan to spin and then lift you upwards. Thanks for any help!
2015-07-21 13:08:38
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2015-07-21 19:04:32 / Author: amiel445566
You should use a force chip placed on sticker panel as a hitbox where the base of the fan is.
IIRC, force chips work like the flee setting on a follower; can be used as a quasi-bouncepad

If you want only little toggle to go up on the fan, you could use a mover and 2 tag sensors on a broadcast microchip. Moves up only when hitting tag to go up AND is little toggle. Stops when hitting the second tag at the top
Hope this helps
2015-07-21 19:04:32
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2015-07-21 20:13:04 / Author: five-ate-five
Connect switch to wind(or steam i forgot the name) material, and tweak the speed and stuff, 50 strenght and 70 speed it good i think. Again you can tweak and make it better if you want
2015-07-21 20:13:04
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2015-07-21 21:03:50 / Author: amiel445566

Oh wow, forgot about this material altogether, elegant solution.
2015-07-21 21:03:50
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2015-07-22 02:10:59 / Author: nerd_dog
I forget about simple things like motor bolts when I wanna make something spin xD. i'm more likely to go for a rotator instead
2015-07-22 02:10:59
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