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Create mode/DLC Help! (Solved)

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2015-06-10 00:09:00 / Author: Aye_Jaye13
Okay so I went into create mode or at least tried to, and I'm now locked out of my own level because I don't own the "History Kit". I do remember using a sound effect and I think it was from the History kit, but how was that even available for me to use if I don't own the dlc! I just need to get back into the level so I can delete the sound effect since I don't own it!! I've been working on this level for a few weeks and I'm only 55% done, if anyone knows a work around please help. If not I'll just have to buy this dlc then
2015-06-10 00:09:00
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2015-06-10 03:10:00 / Author: VanguardACTUAL
as a work around
>Post level your working on locked
>ask a friend who owns the kit to copy the level to their moon
>they remove sound effect
>post as locked level again, letting you copy it back to your moon

Not sure why this happened originally, and would recommend raising it the attention of a worker at SD.

2015-06-10 03:10:00
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2015-06-10 05:36:00 / Author: Woutery
I have the kit. I'd just say to follow Vanguard's guide, i could help with it then.
2015-06-10 05:36:00
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2015-06-10 07:39:00 / Author: Aye_Jaye13
Me and Woutery tried this but he doesn't own some of the other dlc used in the level unfortunately. Here's a list of the dlc used in the level:

-LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack
-Metal Gear Solid Pack
-DC Comics Pack
-Festive Goodies kit
-Pirates of the Caribbean Kit
-Winter Creator Kit
-The Muppets Level Kit
- LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack
- and of course the History Kit

I need somebody with all these dlc
2015-06-10 07:39:00
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2015-06-10 08:29:00 / Author: gurren009
I own pretty much all of these packs, so I think I can help with this.
2015-06-10 08:29:00
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2015-06-10 09:22:00 / Author: nerd_dog
holy dang.. that's a lot of DLC for one level.

hopefully you get it sorted. I would volunteer but I don't have all of those packs
2015-06-10 09:22:00
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2015-06-10 09:30:00 / Author: Aye_Jaye13

holy dang, I've never heard that one before
2015-06-10 09:30:00
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2015-06-10 09:37:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I basically have my own language
2015-06-10 09:37:00
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2015-06-10 10:44:00 / Author: Fox
Are you sure that you don't already have the DLC but just didn't install it?
It could either have been bought but not installed, or from LBP1 Game of the Year Edition:
If you bought it:
1. Make sure that LBP1 is installed.
2. Go to your downloads list. (In the XMB menu, under PSN > Account Management > Transaction History (I think) > Download List) (it's somewhere under Account Management)
3. Download the History pack DLC and install it.
4. Play through the history kit on LBP1.
5. Now go to LBP3, and import your profile from LBP1 and LBP2 (just in case).
If it came with LBP1 for free:
1. Install LBP1 (if not installed yet)
2. Run it and play through the History kit a little bit.
3. Start LBP3.
4. Import profile from LBP1 and LBP2 (just in case).

You can also play through the kit on LBP2 if you don't have LBP1. Normally, you wouldn't have to play through it at all, but do it just in case.

If you have a friend with the History kit, you can ask them for their email and password, create a user on your PS3, then sign into their PSN there and download the History kit from their downloads list. It will install across all users. Don't do this too much, though, or you'll get banned. This is referred to as game-sharing.
2015-06-10 10:44:00
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2015-06-10 11:49:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
I have all of that DLC! I could help if you want.
2015-06-10 11:49:00
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2015-06-12 16:22:00 / Author: Aye_Jaye13
Today I've tried downloading the History Kit, but I couldn't find it in the PS Store or on lbp1, 2, or 3. Why is it gone? Is anyone else having this problem??
2015-06-12 16:22:00
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2015-06-12 22:21:00 / Author: Fox
That's weird. It was there a few days ago.
2015-06-12 22:21:00
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2015-06-13 18:46:00 / Author: Aye_Jaye13
Me and DiamondDiancie10 fixed it, I'm back in create mode! But the History Pack is still gone.
2015-06-13 18:46:00
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2015-06-13 19:04:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
2015-06-13 19:04:00
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2015-06-21 10:52:00 / Author: elijah6133
this is just annoying. I have heard that you just have to buy the dlc since you technically dont own it or something. So fine i cant use my lbp2 dlc, that sucks, but i could live with it. but now i have to buy all the lbp2 special edition dlc, or else i cant even edit my lbp2 stages! this is just stupid, and i actually have no idea what i should do about this, or if there is a way to get my dlc to transfer to lbp3, so if anyone knows please tell me
2015-06-21 10:52:00
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