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Help needed! Late question

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2015-05-03 18:58:00 / Author: Kuroneko
Yo, so I know I'm EXTREMELY late asking this but, I just bought LBP3 and I'm missing the Move DLC.
Now I know I need to rebuy it because I got it for free with the LittleBigPlanet2 Special Edition, but I can't find it on the LBP3 store or on the PSN store. The only place I can find it is on the LBP2 store which I can't rebuy it from, because I never bought it to begin with.
Please, somebody help, like, 90% of my stuff is Move DLC
2015-05-03 18:58:00
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2015-05-03 19:48:00 / Author: Psmerga
You get some code with the LBP2 SE.
I remember that i got to input the code to get my move pack if i am not mistaken.
(Also bought it with LBP2 SE and downloaded it from store)
In my case, i imported all my stuff from LBP2 directly to 3.
(I have PS3 so importing stuff was easy like from 1 to 2)
I am only missing some music sounds.
I dont know how it works for PS4. :/
2015-05-03 19:48:00
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2015-05-04 00:10:00 / Author: nerd_dog
unfortunately, you're in the same boat as many people :/

the game actually.. somehow (sort of) knows you have it. and some people can access their dlc from special edition. but I guess it's actually an issue with the PS Stores.. they've been working on the issue for a while apparently but it's been more than long enough.
2015-05-04 00:10:00
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2015-05-04 06:01:00 / Author: sana_88
If this is on PS4, unlucky! PS Store on PS4 for LBP3 is EXTREMELY messed up! Missing DLC everywhere! I'm sure backwards compatibility is transferred VIA your PSN account. I know this was true for me importing LBP1 data to LBP2!
On the PS Store and LBP3 Store (PS3) I couldn't find Cross-Controller. I load up PS Store, look through all the DLC, nope. Load up LBP2, buy it () and then reload LBP3. (It took forever )
2015-05-04 06:01:00
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2015-05-07 06:49:00 / Author: Ayneh
You woulda thought it would know you have the Move Pack when you import your LBP2 profile. Does it not work like that?
2015-05-07 06:49:00
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2015-05-07 09:50:00 / Author: nerd_dog
it was supposed to work like that. and I guess they say that they're still trying to fix it.
2015-05-07 09:50:00
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2015-05-09 22:02:00 / Author: Kuroneko
All the DLC I bought were imported in LBP3. Like I said
-I did not buy Move DLC and Toy Story DLC
-Therefore they did not import to LBP3, which is completely fair, because I didn't buy them
-I had them because they came pre-installed in the LBP2 Special Edition. I did not download them.
-I can buy Toy Story DLC on the LBP3 and PSN store.
-I cannot buy the Move DLC on LBP3. As it is neither on the PSN store nor the LBP3 store.
-I cannot redownload it on LBP2 because as stated, it came pre-installed, and I did not officially buy it.
It's not too bad anymore, because I'm mostly on LBP2 if anything
2015-05-09 22:02:00
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2015-05-10 20:13:00 / Author: dakrrs
Platform: PS3

Waiting time: 5+ months now

Missing DLC: Move, Toy Story, Cats, and Dogs packs.

Who want's the new Adventure Time DLC? NO! I want my Move pack!

2015-05-10 20:13:00
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2015-05-11 01:31:00 / Author: GamesVlog

I was really lucky. I bought all of the Level packs ever made without even playing the Move Pack or Cross-Controller Packs (PS3 Version), but I bought it for the future, and they all work, and I don't even have The SE of LBP2! I just have the regular version!
2015-05-11 01:31:00
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2015-05-11 23:17:00 / Author: Psmerga
I examined my LBP2SE box just to see if i remember correctly.
I found a code and i am sure that you must also have it somewhere within your playstation or LBP2SE box like me.
Just examine your contents again.
It should be a single piece of paper.
Dark colored border (not sure if it is the right word) and mainly bright blue field with some writing and the code in the bottom part.
2015-05-11 23:17:00
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