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2014-11-23 18:24:00 / Author: Sir Green Day
What is the purpose of the input and output nodes?

Do they activate automatically when the player presses X?

In other words say for example I want to make a gun that shoots golf balls.

I put a BH on the gun object.

If I wire the output node of the BH to a Emitter that's on the BH's circuit board, will the Emitter be triggered everytime I press X? Or do I still need to place a Controlinator on the BH's circuit board, and wire the Emitter to the X button like we had to do in LBP2?
2014-11-23 18:24:00
Sir Green Day
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2014-11-23 18:38:00 / Author: nerd_dog
the bottom input on a node works a bit like an " And Gate ", except that in can be used to convert analog signals into digital ( 100% signal ) ones without latency.

i'm guessing that you probably don't have a use for that though. yes, you would need a controlinator to activate the emitter with the X button.
2014-11-23 18:38:00
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