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My character isnt available.

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2015-01-10 08:16:00 / Author: nuessence
Hello! I'm from Russia, so sorry for my English.
I have a problem.
Today I was creating level in Create Mode and my sackboy got stuck in textures (in ghost mode!). I've tried to get, tried to kill him by the second player - not work.
After that I turn off my console, and launch the game. Sackboy is not available in Pod now.
What I should do?
Thank you.
I play LBP3 at PS3.
2015-01-10 08:16:00
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2015-01-10 08:54:00 / Author: Rallen
Did you download the game off of Psn or buy it via retail?
2015-01-10 08:54:00
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2015-01-10 14:36:00 / Author: nuessence
Rallen, I bought it in a store (retail).
2015-01-10 14:36:00
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2015-01-10 15:19:00 / Author: nuessence
Whew, it's done. I created new profile at XMB and launch a game. After that a I launch create mode and logged in as the second player. I saw my sackboy with a part of texture where I stuck
I overlaid it with TNT and detonated it.
That's all.
Hope this information will be usefull.
UPDATE. The level I was created was broken after that
2015-01-10 15:19:00
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