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Questions concerning character tweaker, character gameplay tweaker, etc?

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2015-01-05 16:03:00 / Author: Mymagic1212
Hello! I'm making this level where things work... similarly to the opening of LBP3 where you see your character swimming in fake water in one of the bubbles. I was wondering how that's done or similar things with the gameplay tweaker because I can't get my characters to change animation at all. They're jump abilities can change, and they can walk crazy slow or fast, but they will not change animation.

Also, I'd like to suddenly change characters in a similar fashion, once you enter a bubble or something like that, but my character tweakers don't seem to do anything at all.

At this point I'm going insane deciding whether the game is glitching or I'm programming something wrong. It's literally impossible to tell... ;^;

... I have the playstation 3 version so the odds point towards glitching.

But if you can tell me how any of that is done and if you know about a glitch like this problem, I'd appreciate it!
2015-01-05 16:03:00
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2015-01-08 11:55:00 / Author: Tynz21
The character animation tweaker will allow you to play a selected animation when triggered with a variety of options. These animations are set up like sequencers and have the option to loop, start playing forward, etc. Be sure you're not triggering the blend strength input to try to start it though. As for the character tweaked that supposedly allows you to change one character to another, I haven't managed to make other work thus far and I'm on ps4. I'll let you know if I figure anything out.
2015-01-08 11:55:00
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