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little big planet paid dlc wont import into lbp3

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2014-11-20 15:40:00 / Author: challe232
I bought the Disney princess 2 pack with Ariel, etc. It won't show up in my game. But in the store says I own it. Its not a copyright issue etc as it allows me to purchase the other princess pack. I want this to work properly. I'm frustrated. It works in my lbp1 and 2. Importing issue
2014-11-20 15:40:00
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2014-11-20 16:00:00 / Author: CyberBatz
Did you try going into the PSN store and Downloading it?
I had the same problem with my stuff but I was able to re-download from the PSN Store
2014-11-20 16:00:00
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2014-11-21 14:41:00 / Author: challe232
When I try, it says no content. But I own it. Its so strange. I'll keep trying but something isn't working right:/. When I try thru the store (not through lbp3) it won't let me dl it
2014-11-21 14:41:00
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2014-11-21 18:17:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout

This is a link with all of the information you need. Everyone is having the problem at the moment, but the development team is working hard to fix it! I'd say they'll have it fixed in about a week or less.

Basically don't worry, you won't have to re-buy it.
2014-11-21 18:17:00
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2014-11-22 16:38:00 / Author: Sir Green Day
The problem is that none if the DLC is available via the PS4 Store.

The DLC that did get imported with my profile says "No Content" when I try to open it.

Sumo Digital really messed this up. This never would have happened if Media Molecule was still the games developer.
2014-11-22 16:38:00
Sir Green Day
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2014-11-24 09:34:00 / Author: RuE4games
I'm having the same problems after spending $35....

I contacted SONY and they are working on the problem.

Let's hope it gets fixed soon! :-)
2014-11-24 09:34:00
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2014-11-27 02:25:00 / Author: INU4SH4-
I have the same issue with my LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition extras (animal pack) and especially with my Joel costume ;(
I can't find the Joel costume on the store and the animal pack is there but it says i have to buy it again. Hope Sumo Digital fix this because i love my Joel costume a LOT.
2014-11-27 02:25:00
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2014-11-27 06:49:00 / Author: Sound Friction
They are working on it. Please be patient.
2014-11-27 06:49:00
Sound Friction
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2014-11-27 10:15:00 / Author: INU4SH4-
Thanks, yep I know, better wait a bit, i start seeing the dlc content appearing in the store little by little, so a couple more days and i should have my Joel costume
2014-11-27 10:15:00
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2014-11-27 10:16:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I wish StevenI would come over and post on LBF every once in a while. rather than people over here having to give links .
2014-11-27 10:16:00
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