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2014-12-15 16:05:00 / Author: Arcticrage
First let me say that I am very unhappy right now since I lost my profile. This happened while trying to join a person for the manglewood x4. She had terrible internet connection and it kept kicking us. The 3rd time this happened it went to a black screen with the close screen slightly tilted and far in the backround. The loading sign was frozen. The ps4 had not frozen but the game had. Being frustrated, I closed the application thinking nothing of it, since the game had frozen. Profile was corrupt upon reboot of the game. Lost all my aces, all my collectibles. Luckily ps4 plus saved an old version so i didnt lose.. everything. What the hell LBP... Ive never had this problem with lbp 1 and lbp 2... ugh help me.
2014-12-15 16:05:00
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2014-12-15 18:56:00 / Author: Fox
The fact that your profile can get corrupted that easily is concerning. I guess we'll have to back up our profiles frequently just in case; at least until Sumo Digital releases another patch to fix the game's stability, which probably isn't going to happen soon at this rate. I think that the PS3 version of the game is actually more stable than the PS4 version, because I haven't really encountered any issues like this on my PS3. Sumo Digital needs to fix this game pronto.
2014-12-15 18:56:00
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2014-12-16 04:00:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
You can upload your data to an online storage if you have ps plus so if your profile corrupts then you won't lose everything
2014-12-16 04:00:00
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2014-12-18 15:57:00 / Author: Little Big Network
We shouldn't be expected to do this, but for those that don't know how, or for those who have to do it, thanks JellyBelly
2014-12-18 15:57:00
Little Big Network
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