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A little guide/tips on how to avoid annoying profile breaking glitches in lbp3

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2017-02-21 17:57:07 / Author: Arylexz
It is been more than 2 years and the game is still very broken with missing prize bubbles on the PS4 version. However I'm not here to nag about that. I'm here to give you a few tips on how to avoid the most annoying bugs in the game. This is a little guide I made for people who are having difficulties playing lbp3 on either versions. Inform you about the common bugs I encountered and on how to avoid them. This is based on my experience with the game, due to the random nature of the bugs you might not encounter them or get entirely different bugs and glitches.

This was going to be something I would post on trophy hunting websites but, I figure out this would also help the hardcore lbp players and creators, so lets get started.

The first thing you have to do is:
Do not import your lbp1 and lbp2 objects yet. As you get more items in your popit, your profile starts to load more slowly. This doesn't apply only to community objects and stickers, it applies to DLC costumes/stickers and lbp1 and lbp2 core game costumes and stickers as well. Having as little objects/costumes/stickers as possible in your popit will help you on avoiding annoying profile bugs that might prevent you to beat the game.

If you are going for The journey home DLC trophies then get this out of the way first before you go after the main trophies. This DLC has a random bug were your game crashes after finishing one of the levels of the DLC and the bug won't go away once you have it. So it will always crash on the same level were you got it from, not letting you progress to the next level. It will still count like you beaten the level and the prize bubbles you collected will be saved in your popit but, the next level will still be locked. If you get this bug the best way to fix it is to delete The journey home save data or all lbp3 saves and start over and pray that you don't get the bug on your next try. You can still get the bug after unlocking all the levels but, after that point it won't matter that much. The crashes might corrupt your Adventure and Popit Puzzles save data but, since you started the game by beating the DLC levels first (unless you didn't) then nothing is lost.

There is an annoying bug I got when I was copying my old lbp2 levels and transferring them into lbp3 on PS4. This bug glitches your profile to such a degree that makes impossible to join people online or people have a hard time joining you. Once you obtain this bug there is no way to get rid of it other than deleting all your saved data and start over…. Are you starting to see how annoying and tedious this game can be? There is a sure way to know if you are affected by this bug.

One way is to make an alt account, start lbp3 and load your main account with a second controller. If your account loads then it is fine (doesn't matter if it takes long to load as long as it does load). If your account doesn't load and gives you an error message saying “A player failed to load your profile” that means your profile has the bug.

You don't have an alt account, a second controller or both? Then the other way to test if you have the bug or not is to join one of your friends or dive in and if it gives you the error “A player failed to load your profile” then your profile might have the bug. This bug is one of the main reasons why is so hard to join people on lbp3. Of course, the terrible net code is also an issue but, combined with this bug, it makes almost impossible to join anybody.

What might be the cause of this bug?
I'm not sure. My guess would be, having too many old levels on your moon, I did transferred 38 old lbp2 levels to lbp3 after all. But like every other bug in this game, is pretty random.

I know some of you might wonder if the levels that give away the story and DLC prize bubbles harm you profile? The answer is No they do not. They are completely safe so do not worry about it

My advice to go trough this game is to not transfer anything after you are 100% done with the main story and The journey home DLC. Checking regularly if you have the bug with the method I said before. Most importantly, back up your saves regulary. I suggest you to do it trough the PS+ Online Storage. You can back it up with an usb flash drive as well but, the PS+ Online Storage backup your saves much faster than the USB Flash Drive. There is a 500MB save that really slows downs the backup speed with the USB Flash Drives but, if you don't have PS+ then that is your only option

So, I heard you want to stack your lbp3 trophies eh? (aka going for all the trophies on both versions of the game). Then you have to take in consideration everything I said before. However there is one issue to take in consideration when going for both platinum trophies.

I used to think that trophies weren't tied to your pins anymore but, I found out they still are. However they changed a little how unlocking trophies work. (I will use the PS4 version as the first play trough of the game and use the PS3 version as the second play trough in this example, it can be done the other way around).

Once you unlock a pin in the PS4 of the game, the next time you go online on the PS3 version of the game your pins will be updated and all the pins you have unlocked in the PS4 version will unlock on the PS3 version. The issue is some pins that are tied to trophies can't be earned multiple times. Therefore you cannot unlock that trophy anymore

For example
The Slippery Slope pin can be earned multiple times because it registers how many times you have created a slide (aka earning the pin). Making possible to unlock the trophy on the PS3 version of the game with the pins updated.

The Freshman Creator pin was completed on the PS4 version. Because it just says that the requirements to unlock the pin is completed, the pin can't be earned again. Therefore I cannot unlock the trophy with the pins updated.

How can you get around this problem? Simple, do not play lbp3 online until you earned the trophy pins that can be earned only once. If you are stacking trophies I highly recommend going for the PS4 version first. In my opinion the PS4 version crashes more often so you wouldn't want to make it more complicated than it already is.

That is all I have to say. My not so mini guide/tips turned out to be a little longer than I expected. I hope this helped you in some way. These glitches and bugs are not the player's fault, is the game not working how is supposed to be.

How can you thank me? By going to my profile on LBP3 and giving me a big fat heart…. I'm just kidding, I don't care about that lol.

2017-02-21 17:57:07
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2017-02-22 05:50:29 / Author: kubac2000
That's a huuge tip, thanks for pointing that out!

I admit I had two issues you mentioned. One which is about acing the whole first term of Popit Puzzles. The problem was not playing online (because I knew about it earlier), but some strange saving data issue which caused the last level I played to be suddenly locked, but the next one have been still unlocked despite that fact. I went back to this level to ace again (still offline), but the trophy didn't pop up. I had to backup all of my data, delete it on PS4, and then on a fresh profile ace it. And that way I got the trophy.

The second is the joining bug. I didn't know about it though. I also imported LBP2 and LBP3 PS3 levels, but it was only 8 of them (I wanted to upload more on My Earth to download but for some unknown reason they couldn't be uploaded.. AT ALL. And.. Actually you're not wrong. I do get 'Player failed to load your profile' message, but it's like the same pattern... The first try - this message, the second try, joining just fine, but the third time - sackboy won't spawn anymore and I'm forced to restart the game. But I don't know if this is actually the cause. I've got a friend who didn't actually import anything from LBP2 to LBP3 PS4, but he only played one of his really old levels where were a few prize bubbles. Still he's also got this bug.
2017-02-22 05:50:29
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2017-02-22 22:56:09 / Author: Arylexz
Hope I helped in any way
2017-02-22 22:56:09
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2017-02-28 08:11:20 / Author: CuriousSack
Thanks a lot for your hints, I only can agree with you! I never had any problems with lbp3, but probably cause I've done occasionally exactly what you've suggested! I first played the story to 100%, then I imported my lbp1 and lbp2 content and step by step my dlc! I didn't transfer my lbp2 moon levels to my LBP3 cause my PS3 had been broken then and later I had already so much new projects that I had no motivation to transfer my old creations except my music!
2017-02-28 08:11:20
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