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Using Cameras with Controllinators

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2015-07-11 00:07:21 / Author: Robospike
Basically, to get straight to the point, is there a way to get a similar shot like this without the letterboxing of the movie camera?

Is it possible to use the game camera while in a controllinator?

I need to get rid of the black bars - they're too...limiting on the vision.


Okay, I found out how to do this by enabling use of controllers...but now I cant USE ANY BUTTONS?! I mean, I never could (or when something happened it was never what was intended).

I'm trying to make it that, from the above screen, when I press square I go to another camera. Seems simple, right? Well I can't do it! Argh! Please help! How can I create interactive menus with controlinators?!
2015-07-11 00:07:21
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2015-07-11 08:22:45 / Author: Psmerga
Normally it should work with normal game camera.
By riding on invisible material with controllinator tweaked invisible and with follower in it.
The followed marker is placed in the middle of the picture.
You can also use two controllinators to allow the flow of controls only at specific time.
Since i dont get where the problem is, i should recommend that you invite someone who can investigate it.
Maybe there is something glitched.
You never know with this game :/
2015-07-11 08:22:45
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2015-07-11 10:01:03 / Author: Godzilla
Create a Controlinator, place a camera on it that's focused on the first screen, connect the gray circle in the middle of the controller layout on the Controlinator's circuitboard to it so it will trigger when a player enters, set that camera's hold time to infinity, enable controllers, and adjust other settings if you want to, then connect a button from the controller layout (in the case of the menu above, square) to another movie camera set to focus on whatever place the button takes you to, and also set its hold time to infinity. To set the hold time to infinity, just decrease the time until the infinity icon appears. If you want the menu to appear as soon as the level starts, configure the Controlinator so that players automatically enter when in its radius (I forget the name of the setting exactly), place it next to the Entrance, then make sure that the players allowed in it is set to Player 1 if you want the host of the game or first player to take control of the menu. It's not as complicated as it sounds. If you want me to send over a sample, just ask!
2015-07-11 10:01:03
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2015-07-11 12:06:44 / Author: Robospike
Never mind everyone, my game just corrupted overnight. I guess the all the hard work i've done is gone.
2015-07-11 12:06:44
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2015-07-12 02:29:53 / Author: Godzilla

Wow, that really sucks. I'd be mad, too. It's imperative to back up your profile, as it can get corrupted very easily.
2015-07-12 02:29:53
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