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2015-06-24 16:34:00 / Author: GuiSly
Unfortunately, my unique console for playing litte big planet 3 is ps3. But why am i creating this thread? Cause lbp3 sucks on ps3! This is not a new for anyone but i just wanted to see your opinions! Today i was creating on lbp3 and bamm, it happened! My game crashed! I restarted my ps3, i opened the game, went to the create mode and bammm! Again, my game crashed! I really love the game, but why creating on it if this will keep happening? When will they fix the glitches? Never, probably! But if they don't fix them i will probably leave the game!
2015-06-24 16:34:00
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2015-06-24 18:10:00 / Author: Aye_Jaye13
I agree with you but I don't agree with you leaving.
2015-06-24 18:10:00
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2015-06-24 18:25:00 / Author: gurren009
I agree with you. Back when I was still creating on LBP3 all sorts of crazy glitches happened, like logic wires glitching all over the place, some materials(like hologram) just randomly disappearing just because I put logic on it, and more. A lot of players will end up leaving if these bugs don't get fixed. But Sumo is making great progress in fixing the bugs. We can now join other players! I'm sure in a few more updates the game will be patched up and ready to go .
2015-06-24 18:25:00
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2015-06-24 20:34:00 / Author: dragonicfire
Unfortunately I don't mess with creative mode that much to notice what all is wrong with it. But currently, I still suffer from people diverging from me. I have the digital version for LittleBigPlanet 3 and most people that try to join, end up diverging. I've been told by countless people, digital and disc alike, that they have no problems joining me. But I host a game on the PS4 and I am perfectly fine (aside from lag). So yeah....consistency would be appreciated :\
2015-06-24 20:34:00
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2015-06-24 21:57:00 / Author: dakrrs
Never had any major issues. The game did crash on me a few times and I had to restart adventure mode all over again.

The real issue I have with this game is my Move Pack DLC doen't work. I had the LBP2 special edition which came with it.
2015-06-24 21:57:00
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2015-06-24 22:59:00 / Author: Trayvargus
There isn't much I find wrong with the game on PS3. Having said that however, it feels like the game was built for the PS4 and software was just copied for the PS3, and I generally find everything incredibly slow. This can range from simply starting the game, too playing story levels and even loading blank levels on my moon.
2015-06-24 22:59:00
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2015-06-25 01:22:00 / Author: Psmerga
LBP2 is also full of bugs, glitches and also crashes sometimes.
The reason why people dont complain about it, is BECAUSE IT IS ACCEPTABLE ON LBP2.
On the other hand, LBP3 goes by far overboard with the all screwed stuff.
LBP are the ONLY games that crashes my PS3.
All my other games on PS3 did NEVER crash PS3.
This is sad for me, because i would like to play only LBP.
Just what did go wrong programming this game and what goes permanently wrong to repair it?
2015-06-25 01:22:00
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2015-06-25 02:49:00 / Author: CuriousSack
@GuiSly: it would be a catastrophy if you would leave the game, so please stay patient, I'm sure that SD will finally beat all the bugs and glitches!
2015-06-25 02:49:00
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2015-06-25 03:28:00 / Author: ???
Broadly speaking, you're right, many have had the same thing as well .....but Sumo has been at hard work in addressing the issues, so in a couple of updates, the game'd be up to play! In the meantime, please be patient, otherwise you could lose your interest in the game you particularly love, as did others.
2015-06-25 03:28:00
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2015-06-25 03:44:00 / Author: Hanfi1311
Have LBP3 on PS3 and PS4...
My big problem on PS3 is, that I can't go back to my pod, 95% it stops in the loading screen and I have to restart the game, that happens after levels and from create to play mode... this makes LBP3 not playable for me on PS3... even if I could join other players, I would stuck in the next loading screen...
2015-06-25 03:44:00
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2015-06-25 05:30:00 / Author: GuiSly
Yes i agree with you all, i better be patient! Other thing that i forgot that was already mentioned is that some stuff disappear sometimes!
Aye_Jaye13 also helped me to delete some unnecessary stuff, more logic, on sunset valley race because the game could not stand... I hope they fix all that glitches! Thanks for the support, BTW!
2015-06-25 05:30:00
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2015-06-25 12:20:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I notice people shutting off their ps3 because of the loading screen after only waiting for about 10 seconds.. fact is, loading takes longer on PS3 but from my experience, it will happen if you just hold on a bit.

joining people is a whole lot easier if you have everything cleared in either your pod, or your create mode. custom stickers seem to effect joining a lot.. even on your costume. having a costume with more dlc seems to effect this as well.. clear the costume, it helps. (yes, this applies to PS4 users as well)

also, when exiting or entering any level, if you make sure your costume is cleared before doing so, it helps to not get separated.

most of the issues that people are having are exactly the same on PS4. the big downside to the PS3 version is load times and the lag when you play an over packed level (something that PS4 creators might want to take into account when creating). but if you look at the PS4 version, you have profile corruptions, DLC issues (more than on the PS3 version) and crashes (this happens more on PS4). people on PS4 are having a lot of trouble joining each other as well.

the thing is, they're trying to iron these things out. and slowly but surly , it's working. the PS4 version will eventually be more stable than the PS3 version I predict. but they're fixing things in the PS3 version as well. so what's the point of all this text? LBP3 isn't really worth buying a whole new system in my opinion. you're essentially playing the same game on either system. if I was buying a PS4, i'd be doing it for some PS4 worthy games, not LBP3.
2015-06-25 12:20:00
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2015-06-25 12:44:00 / Author: GuiSly
I think you're right. But so lbp3 is having the same problems in each system. I hope they fix them, cuz they are MUCH!
2015-06-25 12:44:00
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2015-06-25 13:16:00 / Author: five-ate-five
I didnt freeze for like 5 months then 3 people joined, i think game doesnt have much bug left but online is really bad. Lag is killing me...
2015-06-25 13:16:00
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2015-06-25 14:09:00 / Author: nerd_dog
i have a feeling that this next patch will be a big one... hopefully my hunch is correct.
2015-06-25 14:09:00
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2015-06-25 15:31:00 / Author: Woutery
LBP3 is basically LBP2 (hint: that's a PS3 game!) with refined graphics and tons and tons of new content. It just looks a little prettier on PS4. And in fact, from what i've heard, the PS4 version has way more bugs. My friend MrLIJOOL has had about 7 profile corruptions so far, and i haven't had a single one. You should seriously not say that the PS3 version sucks. In terms of graphics, it's less sharper, but it's way more stable. Creating glitches are most likely apparent on both consoles, too.
2015-06-25 15:31:00
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2015-06-25 17:12:00 / Author: GuiSly
Well i have friends that are on ps4 version and they seem to have less problems than ps3 players. IDk, it seems to be different for each case.
2015-06-25 17:12:00
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2015-06-25 21:39:00 / Author: Epic
I've had no problems with my PS4 copy other than not being able to move levels, lag, annnnnd... that's pretty much it. But the PS4 version was held back by the PS3 and that's what bummed me out. I'm sure if a PS3 version hadn't been released, these bugs would've been gone by now but then the PS3 users will be salty. It just sucks for the people who spent $400 on a new console (me) just to get held back games. :/
2015-06-25 21:39:00
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2015-06-25 22:33:00 / Author: Psmerga
If you think that the game is debuffed (nerved) for PS4 because of PS3, then think about it, that "probably" the same engine works on psvita and psp.
PS3 is by far more powerful.
Think about games like battlefield3 and 4, Uncharted3, Chrisys3, COD series, ...
Compared to that games, the LBP3 is a kindergarten joke.
(This doesent mean that i disslike LBP3, it is just a comparison)
2015-06-25 22:33:00
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2015-06-25 22:46:00 / Author: Epic
The only reason why it's on the same engine as PS Vita is because it had to be compatiable with PS3 lmao. There's a reason why those games are better than the PS4 version. Because it's practically on the same level as the PS3 version (other than graphics). Uncharted 4 is not going to be for the PS3 and the gameplay trailers look like the 2nd best graphics on the PS4. Now if Uncharted 4 was coming out for the PS3 version, it will look uglier.
2015-06-25 22:46:00
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2015-06-25 23:02:00 / Author: TheSangheiliGeek
So it's this bad, eh? I was on the verge of springing for LBP3 on my PS3. Hmm........

Are these bugs consistent problems that everyone is having? Or does the intensity of each bug vary from person to person?

That would be rather a disappointment.........
2015-06-25 23:02:00
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2015-06-26 02:11:00 / Author: Psmerga
What i meant is that the game dont use all of PS3 potential either.

Deciding on how bad it is, depends on what you want to do with it.
If you just want to enjoy the game and play with other people, it is not that bad.
You will still encounter some problems with the servers but it shouldnt be an extreme bother. (Connection, profile, preloading issues etc.)
On the other side, if you want to spend most of time in create mode, you could get seriously pissed with the bugs.
In the meanwhile, i assume that the bugs appear pretty much arbitrarily from person to person.
Maybe they implemented some kind of "bug randomizer" chip.
Joke aside, there are good chances that the most crucial bugs will in the near future be patched.
There are still plenty of cool community levels so buying it, wouldnt be bad choice.
2015-06-26 02:11:00
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2015-06-26 08:38:00 / Author: TheSangheiliGeek
@Psmerga Thanks for the reply! I do believe that I'll be picking this up. I'm not an avid creator, so I won't be spending TOO much time in create mode. I'll definitely spend some time on it though.
2015-06-26 08:38:00
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2015-06-26 14:00:00 / Author: Psmerga
Did you use some of unshared content like the special lightning decoration or the illuminator lamp?
Some of stuff that sumo didnt share, crashes for 100% your game.
Normally in that case, you wait about 30 seconds to one minute and it kicks you out from moon to pod.
After reloading the same level, you can tweak that special items.
If it was some other case, then sorry to bother.
2015-06-26 14:00:00
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2015-06-26 15:31:00 / Author: GuiSly
No i just use the normal things, but in this case, the problem are the tweakers, lbp3 is very sensible to that kind of stuff...
2015-06-26 15:31:00
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2015-06-26 16:59:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I would actually agree that there could have been more done if they didn't make the game for PS3 version as well.. but for bugs and whatnot, that's not the PS3's fault that there are bugs on PS4. it's a buggy game in general. I don't believe that would have really made any difference.
2015-06-26 16:59:00
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2015-06-26 17:09:00 / Author: GuiSly
Yes probably...
2015-06-26 17:09:00
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