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Broadcast chip help!

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2015-06-13 07:08:00 / Author: Laxen333
I'm making a level were flying carpet is emitted from a broadcast chip on the player. I would like it so that when the player dies, the carpet dissapear. It seems I can't sense when the player is dead so I have no clue how to do it. If a player emits a carpet and then dies, it will get a new broadcast chip to follow which makes it impossile to reset the emitter for the previously emitted carpet since the emiter doesn't exist anymore.

This is supposed to be a level for 1-4 players and I don't kow how to just reset the carpet from one specific player.
2015-06-13 07:08:00
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2015-06-13 07:43:00 / Author: Psmerga
Use player sensor that scans all 16 layers, on infinite range(lower range below zero to become infinite range), and inverse the signal so it gives the signal when no player is on map.
Connect with destroyer. Works only with 1 player but since you use broadcast chip, you are restricted to 1pl either way.
2015-06-13 07:43:00
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2015-06-13 08:19:00 / Author: Laxen333
Thanx but I seem to have a little trouble destroying the carpet, and no! Im not restricted to one player just because I use a broadcast chip.
2015-06-13 08:19:00
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2015-06-13 08:29:00 / Author: Woutery
Maybe you could put a tag on the broadcast chip and have the carpet sense for when the tag isn't there.
2015-06-13 08:29:00
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2015-06-13 08:36:00 / Author: Laxen333
Yes but it wouldn't work since the other players would still have the tag.
2015-06-13 08:36:00
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2015-06-13 11:35:00 / Author: Psmerga
Broadcast chip works only for first player all the time.
For other players it bugs sometimes.
2015-06-13 11:35:00
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2015-06-13 12:13:00 / Author: Hanfi1311

It's easy to give every player a different tag color with a broadcast microchip...

Set up:
Broadcast Targets: Creatures
Broadcast to: All in Range

And at every selector output for a tag, you can add a microchip you switch on/off with individual logic for a player...
2015-06-13 12:13:00
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2015-06-13 12:16:00 / Author: jhonsiak
I actually had the same idea!
2015-06-13 12:16:00
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2015-06-13 12:43:00 / Author: Laxen333
I don't really get the picture but ill try.

Ok Now I Get it

This looks like the solution I was hoping for. Thanx!!!
2015-06-13 12:43:00
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