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Im very low on thermometer. whats the best options?

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2015-01-17 00:31:00 / Author: dirtyyy
As the title says. I'm running out on thermometer yet my level isn't finished. I'm want to keep the variety of the handful of materials I'm using. I try to use microchips where I can.

Its a very small level with just a fair amount of detail in a smallish area.

Any ideas? Thanks
2015-01-17 00:31:00
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2015-01-17 00:37:00 / Author: Fox
Well, you can use dynamic level loading. (I think that the feature is in Global Settings) You can watch these tutorials to get acquainted with it, since dynamic level loading is a little different than normal level loading:
2015-01-17 00:37:00
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2015-01-17 00:40:00 / Author: Fox
If the stuff's just for decoration, you may use the Physics Tweaker to take away the material's collision. It'll help take the load off of the thermometer.
2015-01-17 00:40:00
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2015-01-17 04:26:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I suppose it could be a variety of things.

>Too many complicated shapes ( keeping things more square when you can helps )
>Material choice ( especially animated ones )
>Too many custom stickers
>LBP1 tools ( logic can usually save more thermo than things like pistons )
>Unsimplified logic
>Certain objects and decorations

Those are just a few things I can think of that may be hurting your thermo.
2015-01-17 04:26:00
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2015-01-19 15:13:00 / Author: Elmustachio
I think the best option would be to switch to dynamic mode.

The creations load when they're within range of your loading space. But be careful, I tried it with my airship level and now for some reason my creations aren't "there" but the red boxes that show their loading space appear but the creations don't when I approach them.
2015-01-19 15:13:00
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2015-01-19 20:55:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I assumed that they knew that part It's still fairly easy to fill up dynamic thermo in areas that have a lot of detail.
2015-01-19 20:55:00
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2015-01-19 23:16:00 / Author: dakrrs
Space material (DC Comics) takes up an unbelievable amount of thermo.

I also noticed that the more different types of materials you use, the faster it goes up.

I'm making a very detailed modern-day home and the thermo is already over half full.
2015-01-19 23:16:00
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