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problems playing music in my levels?

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2015-03-15 06:51:00 / Author: Indomitus1973
I threw together a level over the weekend, and got everything tweaked and working just right (I'll publish the beta version tonight), but when I switch to play mode to test it, the music doesn't play. It's standard LBP music (their music and not custom sequenced) and I've tried lots of ways to trigger it. Suggestions?

edit: Just a little background: I have it set as a VS level, and it's an "infinite" side-scrolling survival challenge. The thermo's not even half full. The music plays with no problems if I trigger it while editing, but it doesn't do anything in play mode. I tried several different ones and they all do the same thing.
2015-03-15 06:51:00
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2015-03-15 09:01:00 / Author: Kuroneko
You probably left the "Play music in Play Mode" Off
Press Start. You should see it.
2015-03-15 09:01:00
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2015-03-15 09:46:00 / Author: Indomitus1973
Hm. That's new. (This is the first time I've used music in LBP3.) I'll have a look when I get home. Thanks.
2015-03-15 09:46:00
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2015-03-15 11:42:00 / Author: nerd_dog
awww you turned off the life blood of lbp????
2015-03-15 11:42:00
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