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My creations arent appearing!

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2015-01-19 15:08:00 / Author: Elmustachio
I used a dynamic thermometer to build a bigger level. However, when I went in to check on it, the only thing that appeaered was the toxic gas I placed along the entire floor incased someone falls off. Everything else is missing. The red boxes that indicate the loading space for the structures are there but when I approach them there's nothing there. I tried switching to play mode to see if they were really gone and I was only brought up with the end screen that allows you to "continue" or replay. I have no idea what to do.

If you solve my problem I will heart all of your levels no matter what, or return the favor somehow.
2015-01-19 15:08:00
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2015-01-19 21:20:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Is everything glued together? Try ungluing everything that is stationary and setting the material to " Static " setting. Also, make sure the pieces aren't too big if you can. you could use " Slice n Dice " tool to cut smaller sections out of something like a large back wall or platform base and then unglue the pieces from each other ( if your level isn't already in sections ). Basically, piece everything out because the dynamic thermo loads pieces of your level as you approach them with your character. If you already built the level like this and this isn't the issue, then i'm not sure..

( and please don't heart my levels unless you happen to play them and really like them )
2015-01-19 21:20:00
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2015-01-20 14:34:00 / Author: Elmustachio
The red squares do appear but when I approach them the creations don't appear. I think it might help letting you know that the creations have large spaces between them, since this level is a flying level where you drive a steamship and shoot down others. I think you might be onto something because I placed toxic gas across the entire floor of the level to make sure nobody stays stuck if they fall (for some reason it's the only thing that loads) I'll try taking your suggestion into consideration, but if it doesn't work, I'll still thank you for trying to help as you're the only one that has tried to help me so far.
2015-01-20 14:34:00
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2015-01-20 14:54:00 / Author: 211Nickey
Dynamic levels are always active too, any timed logic will go off even if your Players aren't in the level.

At least in my time with the tool.
2015-01-20 14:54:00
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2015-01-20 16:25:00 / Author: Elmustachio
I decided to start over again, but since you were the first one to try to help me I'll visit your levels anyway
2015-01-20 16:25:00
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