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2016-12-05 19:56:10 / Author: EmeraldTrickster88
I'm just learning how to create things in lbp3 so I don't know much. I watched all the tutorials & have been playing around with all the different options I have. I wanted to start with some moving platforms. I have them moving the way I want it just I can't get them to stay in place. They will move around on their own. I have 2 right now one goes back & forth one way & the other does the same but opposite the first. It seems every time I save it or save & go to create mode they are moving, not far, but away from where I need them. Please help
2016-12-05 19:56:10
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2016-12-06 03:36:18 / Author: mdkd
You are using the in and out object, right? Sounds like you need gravity objects and clear on and off switches.
2016-12-06 03:36:18
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2016-12-06 05:40:13 / Author: EmeraldTrickster88
I have a block with a microchip on it with a follower & gyroscope on the chip. I have a hologram with another microchip with a sequencer, tag & a battery. On the sequencer I have 2 movers. Everything works properly in terms of movement when I get them in place. Just for some reason no matter how close I get it to my other platform that is set to static & just hanging there, it always seems to move itself somewhere else even after saving. I made another moving one the same but going opposite direction of the other & they won't stay the same distance apart. I don't know what else to do
2016-12-06 05:40:13
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2016-12-06 08:59:51 / Author: Psmerga
If you use follower, then you maybe need the antigravity tool for stopping the item in the place.
There are three tweaks in it. The middle one on 100% should do the trick.
If short stop signal doesent work for you, you could make the signal permanent until moving programm starts.

Alternatively, you could use pistons for the same work.
I like to use invisible static material like sticker-material as a anchor for one side.
Set the piston "steady" (hope its the right word here).
And you can tweak the logic how and when it should work.
This is my prefered solution.

Alternatively you could use the hook track.
I personally despise this solution cause it is way beyond buggy on my system.

Have fun experimenting and find the way that works best for you.
2016-12-06 08:59:51
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2016-12-06 16:02:37 / Author: EmeraldTrickster88
Thank you for the advice. I tried the anti grav with no success so after all I just attached pistons & have them working well. I just can't seem, no matter what I do, to get my floating platforms to just stay where I put them in my world
2016-12-06 16:02:37
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2016-12-06 16:35:34 / Author: mdkd
Hmm, OK. It sounds complex.
2016-12-06 16:35:34
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2016-12-07 22:29:34 / Author: Psmerga
You can control the pistons via logic. They have input.
Depending how you tweak the piston and the incoming signal, you can get different behaviour.
Set the piston on back/forward.
Experiment with the timing tweaks.
The incoming signal will controll the in or out movement.
Try timer on back/forward, output inversed, output conected on input of the timer itself.
If you want additional control, when it should move or stand still, you can control the current with a crosspoint. (hope someone knows the right name)
Sorry that i dont make yt movie.
I dont have recording software on my pc.
Hope this helps further.
2016-12-07 22:29:34
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