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Help! I have to re-buy dlc?

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2014-12-29 22:24:00 / Author: MsPuddinnnn
So, i just got little big planet 3 along with a playstation 4 for christmas and as you all know playstation network has been down for about a day or so after christmas and im just now getting back to my playstation 4. Ive been wanting to play little big planet 3 for as long as it's been out but that has changed since i got it. I imported all my stuff from the previous little big planets and all that good stuff but when i went to try and get all my dlc back i was only able to obtain a portion of it. It let me get back most of my dlc but the things that it didnt either said i had to pay for it again or that it was unavailable. I know that the game is still a work in progress and they havent added all the dlc packs yet but what about the ones that are available and the ones i know ive purchased once before but they're making me pay for them again? Is it a bug? Or do i actually have to buy them again in order to use them? If that's the case then im thinking about just trading lbp3 in once and for all because theres no way im spending money on something that i know ive already purchased. Help anyone?
2014-12-29 22:24:00
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2014-12-30 05:46:00 / Author: Sound Friction
This is currently under maintenence. It wil be (hopefully) fixed in SumoDigital's upcoming patch. Please be patient.

Also, look in the forum before you create this topic, because this has been discussed a lot of times already. By the way, say something about your self here if you like: LittleBigForum Introduction

Have a nice day
2014-12-30 05:46:00
Sound Friction
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