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Top Down Ramps Help!

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2016-08-09 19:58:52 / Author: spencerbro12
I am experimenting with some top down racing in LBP3 and I need some assistance making some ramps between layers like the Spongebob Level Kit. In the new Spongebob Level Kit, there is a part in the Hub near the Flying Dutchman with a ramp that leads to the level entrance. For those who don't know what I am talking about, it can be found in this video at 1:36.

 I have figured out how to create the ramp going from one layer to another, but can anyone help me with the logic to make the car travel up and down the ramp? I know you probably need Advanced In/Out Movers and some Tag Sensors, but I am not sure how to implement them...
2016-08-09 19:58:52
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2016-08-09 23:52:10 / Author: Toastrz
Use a sensor (tag sensor is probably the most reliable in this case) and have the height of whatever object the player is controlling be relative to their distance from a tag at the top. Then use an Advanced In/Out Mover. It's hard to explain through text. I'm sure there is a video tutorial somewhere.
2016-08-09 23:52:10
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2016-08-10 02:53:04 / Author: spencerbro12

I think I understand where you are coming from, I thought of doing that but started to think it would not work. I found a thread from last year that had a video but the video has since been removed sadly.
2016-08-10 02:53:04
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