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Smooth layer transitions for player movement?

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2015-01-11 02:38:00 / Author: ackley14
Hey! so I just got my ps4 a few days ago and have been playing LBP3 quite a bit. One feature i LOVE is the ability to smoothly transfer from layer to layer, notable in several community levels like 'hill' i think its called (the one thats like silent hill :o). the problem i've encountered is that i can't replicate this effect in create mode. i've looked at every option i can find, i've looked at tweakables for the ground material, i've tried all 16 layers, i've done just 3, and several counts inbetween. i havn't watched the tutorials yet, was really just fiddling around but if they don't have this info, i was hoping someone here might!

TLDR = i want to be able to transition smoothly from layer to layer as a character playing a level. (as opposed to the standard hopping of the norm) yet i can't figure it out. any help would be appreciated!
2015-01-11 02:38:00
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2015-01-11 05:15:00 / Author: Greesymon
This video helped me If you dont understand the tools being used, go to the tutorials in the me section of the game and look it up.
2015-01-11 05:15:00
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