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Hinge in the Storymode?

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2014-11-30 12:03:00 / Author: DragonFly2500
Hey LBFler
Saw that moving shutters in the level "Stitchem Manor". I asked myself how can be moved things like this?
The big gate at the beginning of the level moves the same way...

Can someone please tell me how to do this?

Thanks in advance
Dragon ~{}~
2014-11-30 12:03:00
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2014-12-20 09:12:00 / Author: roops
Yes would love to know too. there's also another level where you grab a bar that swings you forward between level onto the floor below, how do they do that?? too many secrets!
2014-12-20 09:12:00
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2014-12-20 09:40:00 / Author: yugnar
That's a decoration, and you can only manipulate then like that via decoration spinners or the new decoration manipulator tool whose name I can't recall right now, shouldn't be that hard
2014-12-20 09:40:00
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2014-12-20 10:37:00 / Author: jhonsiak
I think they gave it out in the last map in Bancum Lagoon!
2014-12-20 10:37:00
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2014-12-20 12:02:00 / Author: Sound Friction
I'll post a quick tutorial video on how to do this tomorrow.
2014-12-20 12:02:00
Sound Friction
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