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Cant Play game since latest patch - constant crash (PS4)

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2014-12-22 23:58:00 / Author: Lightning_0608
I haven't played LBP3 in a few weeks as I've been waiting on a friend to pick up a copy. I updated the game a few days ago, however when I went to play today, the game crashed. I thought this was related to the newer patch available, so I let the patch download and then tried to play. As soon as the Health Warning screen shows however, the game crashes. It crashed about 5 times, always displaying error CE-34878-0. I googled and found that deleting and installing generally works. No dice. It still constantly crashed with the same error. I've rebuilt the database of my PS4 and that still didn't fix it. This error is ONLY affecting LBP3, and my only remaining option is to factory reset my PS4 console. This needs to be addressed ASAP.
2014-12-22 23:58:00
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2014-12-23 00:20:00 / Author: sewo97
Contact the developers and make them aware of this problem. Did the console allow you to send a crash report? I myself recently sent an email informing them about my DLC problems as the game says that I don't own them at all. I'm aware of the issues. Anywho. Maybe if you can hold off for a few days they may be able to get back to you with a solution that stops you having to clear your console. Good luck. I wish I could be of more help but essentially I don't know of many solutions besides contacting developers.
2014-12-23 00:20:00
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