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Does Toggle not float by default?

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2014-12-01 14:26:00 / Author: Sir Green Day
I have a character changer in my level, and the player switches to Toggle to swim through a water section.

But when I test it, Little Toggle doesn't float. I thought he did by default. Is there something I need to do to make him floatable?
2014-12-01 14:26:00
Sir Green Day
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2014-12-01 22:35:00 / Author: Ayneh
I don't have the game but it's likely a setting on a tweaker. In LBP2 the gravity tweaker had a buoyancy setting, is there something like that for characters?
2014-12-01 22:35:00
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2014-12-02 04:50:00 / Author: Woutery
Yes, he does that by default. Probably a bug. Or maybe something with the character changer. Try selecting Toggle as a character in Create Mode by going to the global controls, scroll left all the way and then selecting him, then see if then he floats.
2014-12-02 04:50:00
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2014-12-03 10:24:00 / Author: Sir Green Day
Same issue when I select Toggle from the Global settings.

I've played LBP since day 1, and in all the games up to now, there have been no bugs. Now this dev gets a hold of the franchise and the game is full of all kinds of bugs.

I hope Sony does not let Sumo Digital work on the next one.
2014-12-03 10:24:00
Sir Green Day
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