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Sound recording tool no longer works after 1.05 update

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2015-02-11 19:38:00 / Author: askjiir
I am having problems recording sound using the magic mouth after the recent update. Also, sound already recorded in levels have been erased or cut short. Since my levels bases themselves on mood, story and ambience they have become rather pointless to play in their current soundless state. I play on PS4. Is there any form of explanation for this?
2015-02-11 19:38:00
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2015-02-12 07:49:00 / Author: 211Nickey
It's happening on the PS3 version too.
2015-02-12 07:49:00
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2015-02-12 09:48:00 / Author: Sound Friction
Sumo is a lazy dev, that's all.
2015-02-12 09:48:00
Sound Friction
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2015-02-12 09:59:00 / Author: Mhx Air
Damn it sumo, they just ruined millions of levels.
2015-02-12 09:59:00
Mhx Air
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2015-02-12 10:41:00 / Author: 211Nickey
The rest of the patch is fine, but this one issue is pretty big.
2015-02-12 10:41:00
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2015-02-12 11:18:00 / Author: nerd_dog
They dun goofed for sure. I'm sure it'll be added to their ever expanding list of things that need to be patched.

Don't go deleting your levels yet. I'm sure the recorded information is still there. I guess those levels will just have to wait.
2015-02-12 11:18:00
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