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2015-03-18 04:44:00 / Author: samuasp
If any of you find any glitches in the game and you want me to pass them directly onto steven and sumo digital leave them below and ill forward them on to him and let you know what he says when he gets back to me
2015-03-18 04:44:00
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2015-04-16 16:15:00 / Author: Psmerga
Adventure uploads in "moon mode" on earth. You float in it and can save, change or copy stuff in it. Check my LBP Factory. Leave comment if it is also for others then me in the "moon mode". Stupid thing is that when you save on earth, it changes also on moon.

Edit: Seems to be fixed. Thanks.
2015-04-16 16:15:00
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2015-04-16 23:38:00 / Author: dakrrs
I have to add pictures of what I've seen. Words cannot describe. (Some Create Mode props change when pressing the button).
2015-04-16 23:38:00
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2015-04-17 02:08:00 / Author: sana_88
I already forwarded my found glitches onto StevenI, so I have no purpose here. (Oh no, StevenI is gonna die! Hey that rhymed! The glitches will take over him and break the fabric of the universe!)
2015-04-17 02:08:00
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2015-04-17 05:44:00 / Author: kubac2000
A bit of issues that don't disturb while playing but looks like these weren't cared about by Sumo: On PS3 if you want to invite friend via message it will still write "Hi! Come play with me on LITTLEBIGPLANET 2, it's super fun" Ok I know the game was written on the previous engine but ..come on. LBP 3 is not a LBP2. You should at least change the number.

Host's another Sackboy will spawn in the scoreboard while going to pod making them duplicated until rest of the players go to his pod. For some reason when 5 Sackboys are on the scoreboard it doesn't freeze.

Mainly new categories in the online player's popit appears to be open (but popit size doesn't change) instead of keeping a category icon. For example 'Characters' page.

Bugs that are little annoying:
In Create Mode when changing background it teleports to the center of the level.

When kicked off/signed out/in of PSN player will die. It's annoying when you want to ace some levels and you're killed just because of that.

Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop costumes in Sackbots - when saving their costume messed up character appears as icon. When wear some of the costume parts /stickers/ decorations are missing. Saving costumes for them works properly only if Sackbots are captured as Custom Character.

Bugs annoying so much/ outrageous:
(Retail disc only) If disc stops spinning (because it's not loading anything from the disc for some time) going into Adventure is waaay longer than if the disc is spinning. Fix for this issue would be something like checking if the disc is still here by turning spin motor again to spin the disc but I guess Sumo will never do that.

Online mode even if it's getting a fixes that does better, it's still annoying. Because I still have to clear my costume to join players, it has been still diverging since LBP2.

Dissapearing parts of the HUBs that are meant to go to the certain levels. (Fortunately I haven't got this issue but I'll write this here because it happened to many people.) The only way to fix is to delete Adventure progress, but Sumo needs to patch this because I can imagine how it can be so frustrating.
2015-04-17 05:44:00
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2015-04-17 08:37:00 / Author: nerd_dog
hmm.. I personally avoid bugging StevenI with bugs I tell Sumo about. it's good to remember that StevenI is a fan just like any one of us and that he didn't make the game. it's also very easy to send reports to Sumo with twitter.
2015-04-17 08:37:00
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2015-04-17 16:52:00 / Author: sana_88
I just found another glitch
For some reason, when I was just creating, when I undo, it causes tremendous lag and also switches the normal thermometer to a dynamic thermo. This is annoying because when the dynamic thermo is on, I get even more lag....
Also happens when I switch to play mode, and/or load the level. I'll reset it and see the results.
2015-04-17 16:52:00
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2015-04-17 22:53:00 / Author: Hanfi1311
Funny glitch:
Touch fire with big toggle, in that moment, change to little toggle, go somewhere in your level and change back to big toggle, in that moment, even minutes after touching the fire, big toggle will continue his fire animation...
2015-04-17 22:53:00
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2015-04-17 23:28:00 / Author: sana_88
Really? That sure is interesting Hanfi! Is that for PS3 or PS4, or maybe both? I'll be sure to try it if I can!
2015-04-17 23:28:00
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2015-04-18 00:05:00 / Author: Hanfi1311
Found it on PS4, but can try it later on PS3, too, will give feedback...
2015-04-18 00:05:00
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2015-04-18 01:36:00 / Author: sana_88
Okay then! Thanks for posting that interesting glitch.
2015-04-18 01:36:00
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2015-05-04 19:43:00 / Author: poorjack
Now, someone may have mentioned this before, but it is becoming an absolute nightmare, so I am bringing it up again...
When I enable dynamic thermometer, entire sections of my level duplicate themselves and get stuck inside one another, causing my thermometer to explode.

It happens every time to different sections of EVERY level I have made, sometimes ruining the whole thing and corrupting them to the point where I just have to give up.
Its without a doubt one of the worst bugs in the game. I have reported it numerous times, but nothing is getting done about it as far as I can tell.

I really want to love this game. I bought 1, 2, PSP, Vita, and 3 all on day one, and loved every one of them. But 3 is just so buggy, it is hard to not get angry that it was released in the state it was and that it has not had meaningful patches in quite some time.
2015-05-04 19:43:00
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