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freezing issues when unpausing in create-mode or changing to play-mode.

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2015-01-11 10:50:00 / Author: bzr242
My first real bug in create-mode. (not the first in the game, though, so I think it is not a hardware thing)

Had my first level nearly finished. Test-played it. Found some minor issues, and went back to create-mode. Did some tweaking at some places, but added no new objects or changed gameplay in any way. Then I saved and changed into play-mode, and the whole system froze.

had to restart my PS3.

Tried a couple of times - same result. Levels opens in create-mode without any problems. But I saved it paused. As soon I unpause it, system freezes again.

Copied the level to an other crater-slot - nothing changed. Undid every bit of tweaking I added after the last time it worked - nothing changed. Replaced Level-Entry-Check-Point - nothing.

In the end, the only thing that worked, was removing quite a large section of the level. The whole part around the entry including some logic - a sequencer, a microchip, two emitters and some audio, to be precise. Removing only parts of that didn't work...

Anyone any ideas what can cause something like that? Or how to avoid problems like that for future projects?

There is a lot of things new to me in LBP3-creating, since I never worked with the LBP2-editor. I just have experience with LBP1 and a little bit with LBPK.
2015-01-11 10:50:00
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