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2015-06-27 09:38:00 / Author: DarkMatter4900
So on one of littlebigplanetcreatorguide's create-offs, he made a juke-box and you could control it without sitting on a controllinator.
So I tried making my own in a different way but it didnt work, and then tried to figure it out on my own, and all I had was to add a controllinator to a broadcast chip and make it trigger a tag so I can recieve which button they've pressed.

What is the best way I can send controls to an object without sitting on a controllinator?
2015-06-27 09:38:00
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2015-06-27 12:33:00 / Author: Psmerga
Tweak the controllinator as reciver for the leader (pl1)
2015-06-27 12:33:00
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2015-06-27 13:36:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
It is a feature for the Controlinator since it came out, the tweak is 'Received by Nearest Player'. How to do it is, when you tweak a Controlinator, there are a few options at the top, Nothing, Transmitter, and Receiver. You want Receiver. When you have it on Receiver, you have nine options, the Tag Colors, and a little black Sackboy. Select the Sackboy. There you have it!

But, here are two things you can do; if you want it to work only if you are in front of it, that's simple. Place a Player Sensor and tweak it's radius to the area you want the player to be in to use the Controlinator. Tweak it inverted and place it's output to 'Eject Player' on the Controlinator.

To have it so only Player 1 can use the Jukebox, tweak the Controlinator to 'Leader Only', like Psmerga said.

I hope this helps!
2015-06-27 13:36:00
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