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2015-04-19 08:23:00 / Author: Psmerga
Hi there.
While i was reworking my radar, i stumbled upon this.
First movie is like it should work.
(( <- Here is invisible link
Second movie is as it shouldnt.
(( <- Here is invisible link
It bugs around when reduced to 5° angle, but since i need every 5° an input, i cant use 30°.
Since the bottom basic of my idea dont work, i cant progress any further.
Based on how far the target is, it should give ping in proportional length at the small powerup display.
The dot should be moved with the piston.
I hope so to cut off many off materials and logic and make it lighter.
This will not work perfect either way cause it works only on the first target in front but i want to try it either way.
At least if i really have to use way more logic, i need only to wire one material for every 5°.
Thanks for help.
2015-04-19 08:23:00
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2015-04-19 08:24:00 / Author: Psmerga
Oh i see the files below the post
2015-04-19 08:24:00
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2015-04-19 08:54:00 / Author: Demon
Please upload the MP4 video file on youtube, its better and easier for us.
2015-04-19 08:54:00
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2015-04-19 09:41:00 / Author: Psmerga
Hmmm i should create yt account first
2015-04-19 09:41:00
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